Friday, 2 June 2006

Oh what a week .......02 June 2006 13:29:43

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Ugoh and Roger, (my circle is getting ever bigger)

I know you have all been waiting for news of Michael, I am sorry it has taken so long, he came out of hospital on Tuesday having had a scan and they found nothing to show any sort of clot or bleed. He is slowly getting stronger and they feel that it was a virus that affected him so badly, his memory will hopefully come back now he is back with his 'family' at Scann.

On Sunday I spent the day indulging myself by the only pool that I know of at a hotel called Merica (we all call it America) We had a lovely buffet lunch there and then back for dinner in the evening Plantain stew! Unfortunately, I woke in the night with stomach cramps and spent the whole night in the loo!! OOps hope none of you are eating! Monday I staying in bed all day, I also did some preparation work for school and planned the party. (So it wasnt wasted)!

Tuesday Megan and I went and bought bikes, that was a scream, the bikes we bought were a bit big (mine especially) however as we were donating them for the school boys who are very tall I thought I would manage!!!!! Unfortunately, when the salesmen got our bikes out on to the road, we loaded up with our supplies, I found that the cross bar was actually three inches too high for my inside leg!!!!! It was too painful to explain, I walked the bike back into the shop and bought what looks like a kiddie bike in proportions....... it was also alot more expensive! We left the shop having drawn a crowd, as women, other than in very rural areas dont ride bikes and we were white to boot! We managed to cycle off with a barrage of laughs and mutterings from a large group of boda boda men who had gathered to see us off!!

Half way to the apartment Megans chain came off, we turned the bike upside down (as you do) and tried to fix it, it was home time for the local schools and we were surrounded by kids all laughing, one boy offered to help and put the chain back on. Two minutes later it had come off again, bits of my bike were coming apart and the handle bars came loose, so with tail between legs (so to speak) we walked the rest of the way with many many comments, nice new bikes and we were walking. Opposite the apartement is a guy who fixes boda boda bikes and we got him to sort out the chain and mine two, he offered a service but we declined as we said these are new bikes why would they need a service......... (you will find out later....)

All week we have spent doing craft things for the party, masks, penyatas (Mexican thing that you fill with sweets and get the boys to hit with a bat until it breaks, not sure how you spell it) we did two covered with crepe paper flowers, looked great. We also did some paper mache creatures for the penyata but it was taking too long!!

The party was yesterday and it went very well, all 150 boys and helpers had a great time, I will give you more infor tomorrow as now I have to go as I have reached 100 shillings on the internet and need to go get my bike FIXED!!!!!

I am still alive although I have two huge bites on my leg which are causing concern, only received them last night, but they are swelling badly!! Thanks for the emails, they make me smile, a bit of home, its great here, very manic and very very very different, so hard to convey.

Love to you all,
Next installment to follow tomorrow hopefully if leg doesnt drop off!!

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