Wednesday, 21 June 2006


Hi there, getting confused with the travel emails so decided better to date them!! How are you all. Well so much for my leisurely weekend last weekend.... The Saturday was great had a whole day at the pool, lunched and drank cold drinks, swam..... boy was the pool cold!! The temperature out of the water was hot hot hot!!! When I left the pool I went back to SCANN to collect my bike, while there the boys gave me a few items of clothing that needed 'the breath of life' breathed into them, they didn't need repairing they needed throwing out.... but as requested I spent Saturday night watching 'Memoires of a Geisha' and something else, everyone else went out to watch football and drink....... Home alone was very pleasant after constantly having people around who want to watch whatever football match is on, two of the guys coach football and insist on watching everything!!

Sunday morning I got up and went to SCANN early firstly to catch some of the older boys before they left the premises for activities (I needed photos for their sponsor profiles) and also to make sure that the boys had been given their medication for ringworm which is spreading like fire at the moment! Guess who is in charge of medication!! I am now chief nurse!! Whilst I was there I hung around for a bit.... bad move.... I sat and finished some of the sewing off, when I next looked round the boys had done a mad runaround and piled clothes at my feet that needed 'mending' I sat for two hours and only managed to get through three pairs of school shorts, I had a huge bag full left to do. I decided that I would pack up my things and head back to the hotel with pool. Needless to say I was a sad sight sat on my lounger by the pool in my bikini (YES BIKINI) sewing boys clothes, many of which had not been washed before I received them and were in a very sorry state. I, in the process lost my thimble in the grating by the pool side, my fingers were raw and still not made a hole in the pile of repairs that need to be done although I worked on them all day, I was to say the least stared at!! I dropped back to SCANN again to drop off the boys school shorts as they needed them for school on Monday!!! Got home at about 7 greeted by cold dinner. Slept well. ANYONE GOT A COUPLE OF SPARE THIMBLES THEY COULD SEND ME, everyone looks at me as if I am mad when I ask for them in shops!!

The week has been spent finishing off the sign writing on the bikes, they decided they wanted the word SCANN and the number repeated on the crossbar of the bikes too, I am now proficient in the art and going blind, have a crook back and knees!!

Today was Megan's last day at SCANN she is off to climb Mount Kenya tomorrow back for a flying visit next week and then she is off to Uganda with Debbie our other volunteer. I am holding out on trips until Kimberley gets out here. so working hard in the meantime and will be well deserved of a break when she arrives! We had a send off for Megan I got the boys to sing songs to her, we used the other penyata that we had made and also produced a huge vat of hot chocolate for the boys. The other volunteers have gone off to the baby clinic, but I was rather tired and in need of time out, so came here instead to catch up and then back to SCANN.

I am busily buying medication for coughs, boils, and fevers at the moment together with a huge box of medical gloves for the ringworm ointment, I look like a pharmacist!

I have been told that Zippy has started her treatment and is having a hard time of it, she was so weak from the TB anyway, I am hoping to maybe go to the baby orphanage at the weekend to say hi. Will update you then.

Ok got to go now as too much time spent on here today.
Love and miss you all,


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