Friday, 23 June 2006

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Hi Everyone,

well after spending Kimberley's first week at the SCANN project doing things, this week we have been travelling, managed to get to Mount Kenya for a few days of relaxation and reading, (mind you got tickets to get there on a shuttle only to find we were put on a bus instead it was manic), left there on Wednesday back to the apartment in Nakuru after a hellish matatu ride (I have decided any travel here is an adventure I prefer travelling with the locals much more interesting!! Kimberley finished packing her suitcase ready for our trip to Naivasha and then down to Nairobi.

Chickened out of getting the shuttle to Naivasha and sweet talked my friendly Taxi driver NICK into driving us there........ couldn't face lugging ruck sacs and Kimberley's suitcase on two shuttles that don't have room for baggage. We had a great ride to Naivasha stopped for lunch and then arrived at Fisherman's camp. This time we had a Banda instead of a tent (way back you may remember the trip with Megan and her new friend Mark, he had no money so we had to share a tent, it was very very cold.) A banda is a wooden structure which had a double and a single bed, cooking facilities on a jiko stove (like a small charcoal cooking stove) shower, toilet, sheer luxury..... although couldn't get the shower to run hot, maybe the wrong timing for that.

We bought wood and built ourselves a huge roaring campfire outside the Banda after we had dinner in the clubhouse where we sat by the huge fire. Must admit the campfire took a whole box of matches and the match box to get it started, I think we need more practice at the campfire thing.......even managed to boil the kettle on the fire for a lovely fruit tea.

Slept so well compared to Nakuru, all that we heard were the birds, fabulous! I got up at 5am to see if I was going to see the hippo who usually appears early and also in case I was going to get a repeat of the sunrise...... disappointedly I got neither, but Kimberley did eventually join me at about 6 / 6.30am for a mother and daughter sitting and contemplating session. She went back to bed and I then attempted to relight the fire, having scrounged the neighbours matches. I failed bitterly, unfortunately he had been watching my attempts which was the 'Kiss of death'. When he and his family had finished with their jiko stove he carried it over to me still lit and blazing, I managed toasted rolls and a cuppa, it was great. I actually managed to keep it well stocked until Kimberley woke up about two hours later and had her own toast.

We managed a trip to Hells Gate, by car this time, didn't think Kimberley would survive the bike ride. Walked the gorge, it was just as great the second time, although Kimberley got a soaking whilst trying to avoid the hot waterfall......! Oh well it made up for the lack of morning shower. As we left the gorge the heavens opened and there was flash floods across the roads, I am glad we weren't still in the gorge as the whole gorge apparently fills very quickly!!

We got the Matatu (not the locals bus this time) in Naivasha town to Nairobi, I think I have got the Matatu hawkers sorted...... I wrote a post it with a little message saying that 'we're Ok and didn't need anything, thank you'. This caused quite a commotion as there was a gathering of hawkers reading the sign and laughing, don't think they get alot of interaction from the tourists, they thought it was great, I even started offering them things in my bag for them to buy to show them how we felt (needless to say they didn't want anything (well not to buy anyway).

By the time we got to Nairobi and had dinner in the Java House, (and pudding) Kimberley and I were shattered, we lounged around until the taxi picked us up for the trip to the airport. Unbeknown to me the airport isn't one that you can sit and wait with the travellers, I know Kimberley was really pleased that I suggested she get there early as I had to leave her at the door to the airport!! The Taxi driver Jenga also wasn't pleased as he was ready to drop her off but i told him to park not realising, it took us about 45 mins to get out of the car park, there was almost fistycuffs.

Got back to Nakuru after spending the night at the Parkside hotel, quite a good nights sleep, surprisingly. Spent the rest of the day at Hotel Merica chilling by the pool, was chatted to by a guy who asked me if I minded if he talked to me as he has no interaction with white people at all. I said fine, BIG BIG BIG mistake 2.5 hours later and he is still picking my brain, invited me to his rural town to visit him at his house, a traditional round hut with straw roof, made of cow dung, and beds of animal rugs, he said it would be very good for me to try to sleep in one for experience, ummmmmmmmm not sure what he was suggesting!!!!!!! Talked my way round to I will be in touch if I get any free time in the next two busy weeks!!!

Was out last night for a drink with another local that I met at Hotel Mercia, very interesting indeed The evening went from a drink and a chat to, God sent him to me for a purpose and he loved me....... boy do they work fast out here. Needless to say I am very cautious of going to the pool today, I sent Ailsa ahead of me and she said there is no one fitting his description...... this is why I am sat at the internet and she is sat by the pool. Must admit may have to wander over there to top up the tan, very interesting tan lines, mainly brown arms, face, neck and feet, the rest is white (how attractive).

I was called by Mark, the cook at SCANN who said they had missed having the nesquick this week, so I promised to make it tomorrow, will have to pass on my knowledge to the new volunteers or stay here longer, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .

Ok time for the pool, maybe if I put my headphones on I wont get chatted to!! My bikini is in a plastic bag having washed it last night, it isn't dry......... don't you just hate that, putting on a wet swimsuit!

Hugs all round,


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