Friday, 26 May 2006

It's Friday...

Hi there,
well, sorry to hear the weather there isnt too good, as usual its hot hot hot and no rain in three days now. Everything is so dusty.

We have had a great week, I have helped in numerous classes including a PE lesson yesterday when the pregnant teacher went home. When I asked what lesson they were supposed to be having I wished I hadnt asked. Apparently half the class go up to another school for acrobatics and the ones left were due PE. I took them outside and organised a dribbling line for them to slalom through I even timed them, they thought this was great but even better when I joined in. They love football so much I did tackling skills and then played goalie (a bad one!) We also did some shooting the hoop with a net ball net. By the time I got back into class I was filthy and very very tired.

Today we turned up for school to be told that one of the older boys, Michael Okoth (16 years old) had collasped at school yesterday. He had been taken to the private hospital just up the road from SCANN. Apparently he fainted after doing some sport and hasn't regained consciousness since. They have been doing blood tests and will probably do a body scan later today. Debbie and I were sent up the road to see what was going on, they felt that we may have more authority than them. I explained that neither of us had any medical background, but we went anyway.

Michael is on a saline drip and is still unconscious, whenever they try and revive him he has fits. The nurses care isn't very good so we are doing a rota of sitting with him for a few hours at a time to make sure he doesn't vomit and that the iv is ok. Doesn't look too good. I am on afternoon duty from 3 - 5.30 then again in the morning at 9. It is a scary place the hospital, very antiquated I hope he pulls through apparently he is a very academic student and they know he will go far.

I have managed to get out of my trip this weekend and will go later in my placement. That leaves me free to help out with watching Michael.

This morning before we went to the hospital a teacher hadn't turned up for her class so I set some work for one of the classes to mark on Monday. Whilst I was writing on the board they were all whispering my name and calling me Mamma ( I think they were glad I was there, they actually hunted me out to take their class). They are so eager to learn that is is amazing. We have been asked to do lots of craft work with them next week as there is a meeting of the trustees in two weeks time and we are looking at putting their work on the walls to make it more lively.

Debbie, Megan and I are arranging a party for Scann children on the 1st June which is a holiday over here. I did some invitations last night and photocopied them this lunchtime in town. We are planning party games, there is a lady called Yasmin who is a strong business woman who helps fund the centre. She runs a supermarket chain and is meeting us on Monday morning to provide us with food and gifts for the party.

Will keep you posted on Michael's progress. Tomorrow night am planning on going with the girls to spend the evening at the baby orphanage, they invite the volunteers round on a Saturday night for video night, so will be doing that after helping settle the babies down for the night.

Will be in touch again soon, sorry still forgot the piece of paper with the address on it, will definitely send it to you tomorrow after my stint at the hospital.

The girls I share with have gone away until Monday so I am home alone, its very weird, firstly getting used to sharing with strangers and now being there alone. It isn't an unpleasant thing as I have lots to do as I bought lots of hand crafted post cards from boys in Nakuru who walk around selling them, so I have loads of writing to do, also preparation for the party, we are making hats etc.

Ok time to go now as need to get back to the hospital.

Hope you are all well,
Susannah xx

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