Saturday, 17 June 2006

Sorry it's been so long.......17 June 2006 09:27:12

Hi Everyone, Roger and Ugoh welcome, sorry whilst I did put your addresses in the list I didn't hit the save button, so Karibu!

Where to start, the internet has been a real pain and each time I have been here this week hotmail has been down, so frustrating, so today I am here before I head off to the hotel with pool!! I have done some work first though, went into SCANN already this morning and its only 11am!

Ok last week was a bit of a mad week with the Lake Navaisha trip Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday (stayed an extra day as it was lovely) on getting back on the Thursday tea time I discovered that the Masai Mara trip was still on (Debbie who was arranging it was unwell so it might have been postponed) I had enough time to unpack and pack again, I was picked up at 6.30am on Friday morning!! (Yawn yawn!) Needless to say I wasn't too much of a party person on Friday. It took us about 7 hours before we arrived at the campsite, the journey as per any other we have had was long, dirty and very very uncomfortable, pothole city!

As soon as we arrived at the campsite we 'dropped off' (literally) our bags and went on an evening drive round the Mara (yet again bumpy and we were by now desperate to get out of the vehicle and stretch our legs) not permissible in the Mara you have to stay in the vehicle. It was a fab weekend, although the sleeping arrangements were three girls to a two man tent..... yes was in the middle again..... the two boys shared a one man tent, cosy! We had our own cook who we had as part of our party, a driver and Joseph from Mount Kenya who we had booked the trip with. (He gets about a bit). We saw loads of animals which eventually became a bit boring as it wasn't what attracted me to Kenya!! We went out on an early morning drive and saw three lions kill a buffalo, nasty but compulsive watching how the animals worked together to catch the animal, got a bit nasty when we were so close you could hear the tearing of flesh and crack of bone....... Yuck. We visited a Masai village that was interesting, colourful and smelly they use cow dung smeared on the house as 'plaster' and they live with all the animals at night in the compound. Lots and lots of photos and movie clips.

The whole weekend was spent trying to sleep, the German family who gave us a lift at Hells Gate I saw at the Mara and they appeared at the campsite on the Sunday night that was a weird coincidence and we all laughed at the chance of that happening.

When I got back to Nakuru very very tired, numb bottom and in need of a soak in the non existent bath........I had to work very hard on Tuesday as there was the annual Trustees meeting at Scann and they had wanted lots of bright things done with the children to show what they have been doing, Tuesday was a mad frenzy trying to get stuff finished. We attended the meeting it was three hours long, interesting but also hard work. I got invited to be a guest at the Nakuru Round Table meeting on Tuesday, everyone wants to be seen with us, its mad. we were asked at the Scann meeting if we wanted to speak, needless to say we declined!! (no speech prepared).

Talking of speeches, I got a call from the old retired lecturer who was sitting next to me on the bus to Navaisha, not sure if I mentioned him but he asked me be available before I leave Nakuru as he wanted to gather together the Church Elders as he wants me to talk to them. I didn't think I would hear from him but he called last night to say he would be in Nakuru on Wednesday and wants to meet me to discuss the 'talk' not sure I am the right man for the job!

Yesterday I spent all day painting large numbers on the 26 bikes that were donated three years ago and have been in storage ever since, i bought a pot of paint a brush and started work, did the last 6 this morning, and even if I say so myself not a bad job...... the manager asked if I was a sign writer before I started and I told him that as I was all he had, then he would have to accept whatever I managed to produce!! They now want me to paint on the bikes the word SCANN so now back to work tomorrow..... more painting, these bikes will be allocated to the boys before I leave even if I have to do it myself. The older boys walk an hour to get to school, come back for lunch and then go back in the afternoon, they are exhausted............

Ok I am off now to the pool, think I have earned it............ I have been treating the boys for ring worm which has spread round like nobodies business, they have accepted me as person with many hats, seamstress, I have a whole pile of sewing the boys bring me daily, nurse, artist, crafts person, 'mother' and teacher, so many hats!!

Ok take care all of you.


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