Thursday, 29 June 2006

Good afternoon...

Hi Everyone,

I know I have been neglecting you recently, no I haven't been lounging by the pool sunbathing.....I have been so busy at SCANN and sewing in the evenings that I have been really tired and rushing around.

We are nearly ready to issue the bicycles to the older boys, what a saga that has been, I think they have decided it was my 'project' having numbered all the bikes, arranged a welder to come to the project to fix the '40ft container door' those of you in the know will appreciate that it will be an ideal storage facility, only problem was that is didn't lock as the locking system was broken. Now fixed, two huge padlocks bought, key fobs and labels for the fobs later (use as a checking in and out system for the bikes, only the boys handing the over the key fob will be issued with the corresponding bike. You would be amazed what lengths these children will go to to get a bike.

I have had to do a survey of boys as to who travels furthest to school, who has had good grades in their tests, who has show good behaviour these ones get the bikes, we are holding back 9 bikes which will be used as incentives to other boys to work hard and behave to be issued with bikes. It has been a nightmare, as well as this I have done the nurse thing, teacher, sewing lady and also community visitor!!

This afternoon I was supposed to find a lockup cupboard to store the bike keys in but got side tracked, will have to see what happens tomorrow, after all this is Kenya and everything is on Kenya time!!

I have bought some nice hand painted cards from one of the street artists and since speaking to him on every visit to town I have decided to commission him to do me two pictures, I asked him to take me to his home to show me his work, I met his wife and three year old daughter, they are a very nice family who live not too far from Mark in the Shambas, as they have no power he does all his work at night by kerosene light. It is good work and so he is doing me pictures, hope they come out well, I asked for specific designs with alterations to the colour schemes to co ordinate with my lounge and bedroom. (Hope you will see the one in the lounge, invitation only to see the one in the bedroom!!!!) Kimberley, I said you would come with me to visit when the pictures are ready, they want to meet my lovely daughter. (sorry Paul-Simon you miss out on that visit, although I will take photos next time so they can meet you)!

This weekend I am the only one at 'home' Megan has left to visit Uganda with Debbie, Kati is off to Masai Mara Saturday morning, and the two Irish boys are going home...... Billie no mates...... Oh well I am sure I have loads of sewing to do, am looking to buy a treadle sewing machine to use as my fingers are raw!

The weather has changed, the evenings and mornings are actually showing a keen chill, a cardie was a good idea, glad I have one. Mind you the cycle to the project warms me up a treat. All the SCANN boys are dressed in polo necks, fleeces and coats! Apparently July is positively COLD! um will have to see about that....... cold compared to what.... not UK standards, everyone thinks we are mad for walking round in Tee shirts and flip flops.

Planning to take 30 younger boys to Lake Nakuru National Park on the 11th July it is proving to be a bit of a project too........ no bus available, and am busy negotiating on price, apparently children cost 100 KS, resident adults pay 200 KS, non residents 2,950KS they don't have a volunteer price, so sending a letter to head office asking them to reconsider their rates......... whilst it is not alot when you add the 8000 KS for the bus and paying for 30 boys it soon mounts up! Should be a good day out if we can get it off the ground, and yes Kimberley you are included!!

OK will have to sign off, all of you that have provided things that I have asked for many many thanks, those of you sending well wishes they are gratefully received. Having a fab time, will be stir crazy when I get

Love you all,

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