Thursday, 15 June 2006

A Quickie...

Hi there,
sorry been so busy since Kimberley got here trying to cram into two weeks the experiences I have and want..... um.

All Aboard!
We took the boys to Lake Nakuru, that was fun, we only took the boys that are at school at SCANN as the older boys have been, so 33 boys, two teachers and three volunteers later, and two hours of checking they were in uniform to get 50 shillings discount, checking papers, and getting passes, later we were in, we had hired another schools bus which had room for 24 passenger's, bit of a tight squeeze, but we had a great time.

On the Bus
At the Lake
I wasn't quite sure how I ended up with the boy who vomited the whole trip, must be something to do with that mother instinct... I was the only one with none holey plastic bags and wet wipes..... you know me ...... in case ofs are always packed!! As there was no room for me to deal with him at his seat he sat on my lap at the front of the bus where Kimberley was also sitting with a smaller boy already on her lap, safety does not come first out here!! The driver tried very hard to make it a smooth ride so that he didn't vomit too much but it was no use, the roads were like most in Kenya, pitted, potholed, and rough. The animals on the other hand were great, giraffe, white rhino, antelope, gazelle, ostrich (still only got two legs, Nathalie), flamingos by the thousands, what a fab time we had until we stopped at a deserted picnic site for lunch. We got everyone safely out of the bus, some feat in itself......... managed to get the food and drink out too, noticed some baboons lurking round and were aware we needed to be careful, they circled us and one shot forward at Debbie who was holding the huge bag of bread rolls, a tussle ensued as she was determined the boys needed feeding more than the baboons, unfortunately the baboon won and ran off with half our rolls. We speedily piled back onto the bus, shut the windows and divided up what we had left, needless to say it was hot hot hot, and we were boiling. Managed lunch all except of Julius of course. We then hurried back to SCANN, as the bus had to be back to do the school run............ we were exhausted but had a great day.

Strawberry Nesquik
Since then have been at SCANN with Kimberley we have made a vat of strawberry Nesquik for the boys, we have chopped skumaweeki (no idea how you spell it)!! it is kale chopped into thin slivers and boiled. I stepped in one day in the kitchen when the cook was detained in town I cooked a huge vat of Ugali, it ends up like cement but thicker, it was so hard to mix and stir that I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder doing it, apparently it was well received as no one has taken the initiative before and helped out so much in the kitchen..... I now know why, it nearly killed me, got photos to prove it, not cooking like we know it.

Kimberley and I are off next week so wont be much news from us as we are heading to Mount Kenya for a few days, I am taking her to Lake Naivasha and then to Nairobi to fly home on Friday, busy busy, and little chance of getting to internet connection.

Love to you all,
Susannah and Kimberley,

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