Monday, 30 July 2007



well I have done it, at last I have seen the light and decided that my quality of life would be so much better living off site from Scann.

Mentally I need to space from the politics and staff wrangling! I am in a temporary 'house'....... um that is a very loose word for it, it is one room, no loo, no water but it has electricity and it is somewhere to dump my things until I find somewhere else. I looked at a place yesterday that someone was just moving out of, it has large bedroom, lounge, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, minus bath (just sink for washing) and it costs 30 GBP a month going back today to speak to the manager. It is in a secure walled and gated compound where there are about 12 units all are clean and well looked after and the bonus is the matatu stops right outside the gate.

It will be nice to have some freedom and resort to having some quality time, I want to go back to Swahili lessons and do more bead work with Ruth, also to have some sort of life would be good. I am still going to Scann but not sure how long that will last as Management have decided that as I am not dealing with staff issues I am not doing what they want so they may not want me there at all. At the moment I am coming and going as normal, the boys still like me being around and am busy producing beaded cards to sell in shops. Mentally I am more at peace although living conditions where I am is to say the least basic but the rewards of peace of mind are now outweighing the drawbacks, besides living so basically really does make you realise how lucky we are.

Sorry it was only a short one today just to keep you updated, will let you know if I get any more news. Love to you all, Susannah xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 July 2007

I made it to the internet and it was working

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry it has been so long......... unfortunately the chest infection went on far too long and knocked me for six...... luckily I am now almost completely recovered, other than being so tired all the time and occasional coughing fit to clear the tubes!!

The shamba now is a real shambles, as haven't done anything to it since I was unwell, all the beans have been harvested and the squash is still growing, although so are the rampant weeds! I cant remember the last email that I sent, I have been so frustrated that any time I managed to get to the internet it was either down or so slow I couldn't send an email.

Today I walked into town (30 mins) as I walked to get a boda boda with the only 20 bob in my hand I was chatted to by a lovely boy of about 7 called Paul, he had just finished school for the afternoon and asked if he could walk up the road with me. As he was only 7 I thought it would be OK....... he chatted very politely and told me what he had been doing at school today, what I was doing in Kenya and where I came from, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up, and if his character is anything to go by he will be a good doctor. I gave him my 20 bob to get some treats and wished him well, so I ended up having to walk, but I enjoyed the exercise anyway.

The weekend was a busy one as the acrobats attended the Nakuru Show an annual event that I went with them to last year. I was pleased to see that on this occasion I was not the only white person there..... there were two guys on a stand promoting solar heating for water, nice men in kilts.... one Scot and the other South African, they decided they wanted to do something to attract attention....... hence the kilts. My boys wanted to know why the men were in skirts, took alot of explaining!!! The day was great the sun shone and I burnt my nose, still crunchy now! Ok well, I will love you all and leave you now as must get back to the ranch, I know I will have a Q of boys tonight waiting for a hair cut as I turned them away at 9pm last night, couldn't see anything...... would have been a bad cut! Take care all of you and be happy. My next email may a very interesting one!!!!! Susannah xx