Sunday, 14 May 2006

Day Two!

Thank you all for your messages, unfortunately the system out here is driven by hamsters, it is so its taking ages just to read your messages, but am getting through them.

My room mate arrived last night, unfortunately too late to join me for dinner, that was an interesting affair, I was the only non local in the place everyone was watching the footie, just like me not to even know who was playing. Needless to say I stuck out like a sore thumb. I did however, you will be pleased to know, manage to eat my meal and keep it down.

Beth is a bundle of joy, a 26 year old American, I was so pleased to have someone to talk to that she probably thought i had verbal Diahorrea (cant spell it!). Today we had breakfast then went for a short wander. I think we got about 2 ft before being approached for something or other, we had a large following by the time we had finished out short walk, up the road and back.

All of you take care, hope you are all well.

Will be moving out to the placement tomorrow, I am glad that talking with Beth that I am not alone in my feeling of not sure what I will be able to accomplish out here but will put everything into it.

OK time for me to go now.

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