Saturday, 13 May 2006

Introduction: Landed in One Piece!

My Kenyan adventure volunteering was with a company called i-to-i. I couldn't decide which country to go to so asked them where would I be most needed, they said Kenya. I booked a 3 month trip and was placed at a project that rehabilitated street boys in Nakuru called SCANN (Street Children's Assistance Network of Nakuru). My experience left such an impact on me that I extended my trip an extra month and then returned, again and again..... this is my emailed journal back home to family and friends..... many suggested that I publish them in a journal, this is the nearest I have got........

Hi Everyone,

Just a quickie to let you all know arrived in one piece, think the hostel is taking the 'P' they put me on the top floor 4 floors, no lift, can you imagine the size of my bag! Got a guy to lug it yesterday and I nearly passed out just carrying the rucksac. Today got up for breakfast and was told I need to change rooms, I said there was no way I was going to move my bag, they sent up this little slip of a guy... I felt really guilty, not!

Well my first night was spent sleeping, didnt see much of anything as it was dark when I arrived. Ventured to the cafe next door that works as the restaurant, managed fruit and one piece of toast, still feeling sick, got some pills from the pharmacy at the airport, seem to be helping but forgot to take it before breakfast, spent about 1 hour trying to make myself eat the toast! I was the only female and white in the place, a little disconcerting!

I am now in a room that I will be sharing with another volunteer, as and when they appear, it will be good to have company. The new room is on the ground floor and is cooler!! Yipee.

Forgot how lucky we are with broadband, this is so slow its taking ages to read my emails...... so much for me making this short and sweet.

I ventured to the supermarket this morning for more water and something for lunch, it wasnt too bad, loads of taxi touts outside the hotel, but walked with purpose and didnt get mugged once!!

OK Time to go, take care of yourselves.

Susannah signing off!

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