Monday, 15 May 2006


Ok, today I move from Nairobi on to Nakuru, I am not sure when I will get to the cybercafe there so thought I would drop you all a quick line.

I am fine, stomach is better, although am feeling very out of breath apparently Nairobi is at higher altitude than I am used to, so any small bit of exertion causes me to be out of breath, thought I was just unfit, probably that as well!

They are talking about me using a bike to get back and forth on, should be fun, Amanda looking forward to breaking in that seat!!! hehe! I will pass on to family a contact address when I am given it as I am in another apartment to the one originally given. Had a long chat yesterday after the orientation, sounds like they have a project for me to do as I am here for three months, just dont know what it is yet.

I have a two and a half hour bus trip to Nakuru, yesterday it poured with rain all day got totally soaked, this means that the bad roads when dry will be a nightmare today, muddy and more rain due. Looking forward to it. Hope you are all well and not too bored with the messages, thanks for those that you are sending, they make me smile. Les, Beth is great, a good laugh, she told me to tell you she is tall, slim, blonde (you get the picture!) I will miss her but the organisers are trying to get the two groups together for social outings)

Nats, sorry to hear you are unwell but it is probably about time you spent some time in bed it was your turn! Big hugs all round, Kimberley is off to Bulgaria for a week, anyone been there and can give her tips???????????

Ok signing off now, mwah!!!!!Susannah

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