Tuesday, 16 May 2006


Ok, just to point out that I hadnt planned on doing this today, but all the girls ended up at the cybercafe after the project so what could I do?

Last night settled into my room that I share with Madeline and Joanna, they are young (20's) and already friends. This morning woke up to the sound of trucks and minibus horns, apparently, they use them a bit like a male symbol of masculinity...... at 05.30 its taking the michael!!! No wonder the girls sleeep with earplugs in.

It hasnt rained today but is really hot and sticky, everything is covered in a coating of gritty dust. I walked round Nakuru today with Ailsa (the co ordinator) she is really nice, we visited the project at Scann, it is shaded and they grow their own veg there.

The boys that don't go out to school range from 3 - about 7 and are a little wary of strangers, but things changed when I was asked if I wanted to stay to get the feel and then ended up with a class of about 20 of the 6/7 year olds, their teacher had been detained. We did colour of clothes they were wearing and items of clothing, needless to say when the teacher arrived I was glad to see him.

Lunch was interesting I ate at the project, it was something a bit like mashed potato, but you could pick it up with your fingers, so a cross between mash and soggy rice, and shredded spinach. Yum.

The sights and smells are amazing, not all great!!!! Me included after a day in sticky clothes. We rode around today on a boda boda, think that is what its called, its a guy on a bike who cycles like mad with you perched on what should be the parcel rack at the back with a cushion on top, very interesting in the traffic, poor guys I need to loose weight!! Another girl and I (Megan) are talking about getting our own bikes to donate when we leave, I will get fit if it kills me!!!

Ok am hoping to get a cheap mobile tomorrow so will be able to keep in touch by text hopefully too on the days when I cant get here.
All I can say is WOW........................ it an amazing experience, I am so glad I came.

Love to you all,

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