Sunday, 27 April 2008

Second time Lucky

Hi All,

(This was the email that had the attached story of the Sweeties which is now a separate post).

hope my email finds you well, actually, I hope it finds you at all! I have spent an hour now typing an email to go with the attached and then trying to do the attachments, now I have the attachments but have lost the email. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

OK so here I go, the attachments are as promised the experiences I have had recently with my friend Mama Sweetie and family. Anyone who is feeling low at the moment please either don't read part 1 or read when feeling you are able to get through without tissues (actually I cried again when typing it so no hope there!)

On a lighter note.......All the animals at home are fine, I am now giving the puppies milk as Kim is struggling and covered in suckling sores all over her belly a sign that she has more than she can cope with. Initially the puppies just walked around and lay down in the plate of milk and smelt bad afterwards, now two days later, I just have to tap the plate, pour the milk and they come scrambling over and in no time the milk is gone. I hope this isn't going to be signs of things to come, they will eat me out of my home! Kim sits by watching with a relieved look on her face.

Dominic at present is sick with malaria and as Judith has left, (actually was asked to leave) I am running myself ragged, managing Scann 5 days a week, the house, the puppies, the Sweeties and more, wouldn't be without any of them. Judith was found to be entertaining one of my fundis whenever I left home for Scann, when Dominic tried to point out it was inappropriate behaviour she turned nasty. Time to go, especially as the fundi was getting a nice cooked meal everytime he came round and that's not all!!!! I had some visitors staying with me on Friday night, my friend Jemo from Nairobi and an ex Scann older boy called Sammy who were performing acrobatics for the Showground IDP's (Internally Displaced People) on Saturday. They were joined much later by two girls who were dancers and the balance of 25 people in the troupe arrived on the Saturday morning.

Friday night was fun, Jemo, Sammy and I went to my friends pub to discuss future events that he wishes to plan with Jemo. We chatted and relaxed then when the girls eventually arrived we went home, the girls retiring straight to bed and Jemo, Sammy and I jigging about to reggae music. Actually we ended up dancing with the two dogs (puppies were rightly sleeping!) then Jemo and Sammy were showing Dominic some of the acrobatic things. Got to bed at 3.30am and they were performing at lunchtime! I was unable to attend their performance as I was attending the Scann Saturday Clinic for the boys. We had rather a number and then the drugs dispensing meant that I was late leaving. A pity as I hear it was a good performance, mind you did see highlights on the TV late news. They left for Nairobi straight from the showground. Mind you Jemo has told me of some events that he will make sure he invites me to, one is an open day by author Kuki Gulman (not sure I got that spelling right, I read a book of hers relating her story of Kenya and it was great) It would be good to actually meet her at her home, she opens it to less fortunate and hosts entertainment etc. Look forward to that one!

Scann today was good did some hair shaving and reports, stock taking the drugs and generally hung out with the boys. I have still been going between the other activities that have been going on as you may read in the attachments. OK time to go, back is aching sitting in this bad chair. At a new internet, my friends one closed and not a lot open on Sunday. I hope my recounting of recent events convey to you how it was, I try to paint a picture with words so you can see things that I see, not sure it works.

Love to you all.
As always Susannah xx

Kimberley, good luck with the move, hope all goes well, watch that back and shoulder don't want you starting your new contract in pain.
Paul-Simon, hope the training and job is going well, hugs and kisses all round.
Sis, thanks for the text messages and sorry for this long email it will probably be a pain for you to open and read, S O R R Y!! Love to all xxxxxx
Doris, thanks for your emails I appreciate them and you taking time to send them. Big hug.
John, sorry to read your email, my thoughts are with you. Just picked your letter up from the post box but not yet read it, will do so at home. Thanks.

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