Thursday, 3 April 2008

Birth - Day has arrived

Well what can I say,

Kim was obviously close to delivery day when I went out yesterday but I wasnt prepared to get home and find she had had 6 puppies. All healthy and wriggly, by the time I went to bed mother and puppies were doing fine. This morning Dominic the guard came to 'tell' me that during the night Kim had got up to stretch her legs and left him watching the new arrivals ............>>>All NINE of them!!!! There are 5 black ones and 4 dark and tan, unfortunately they will be a nightmare to pass on as there is only one boy and no one wants bitches out here it costs too much to get them 'spayed'. Maybe I can bring them home with me in my suitcase........ maybe not. Oh well, I will have a job on my hands with this little lot, so in total I now have 11 dogs and 2 cats!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Luckily she is a great mum, when she is out of the hide the slightest whimper and she is back watching them.

Today I caused a stir on my day off I went to Scann to drop off some of the sewing jobs I had done and to take some bones for the 2 guard dogs who get very very little to eat......... I wore a dress which for me is unheard of. I bared my lily white legs which was a shock, but I was told I have to wear a dress everyday, not really practical for Scann. This was just a short and sweet update. Another day off tomorrow, supposed to be buying more things to plant for the shamba. Bye for now, love to all, life is good and I am smiling, until I run out of dog food that is. Having a cup of chai with a butcher who supplies me with bones for Kim, I am hoping he will be even more generous with his servings in the future............
Keep well, Susannah xxxxxxxx

Nats, loved talking to you this morning, was like we were sat with a cuppa! All those who sent recent emails thanks, sorry for my mammoth edition will try and keep shorter in future

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