Friday, 9 May 2008

Ahhhh the Kenyan Internet

Hi All,

well internet is working, we have power but it wont read my memory stick, I spent ages typing my email to you all. I decided today I would take a well earned day off and I mean day off.

I tried washing but have hurt both hands whilst helping Mama Sweetie put in a new window yesterday, needless to say tools are rather rudimentary. I have a gash on my right hand between the thumb and index finger which is now a large flap held together with dressings, I also crushed my small finger on my right hand, it is so swollen and black, not nice and very painful so it is strapped up to stop me whacking it on things, kept waking up last night in pain.

So today was a well earned rest at Hotel Merica, My poor white body exposed to the sun is now red and smarting even with suntan lotion. I have come away before I burn!!!!! I wouldn't mind too much about the memory stick but have taken pics of puppies to send and can't get them either...... ahhhhhhh these simple trials of patience. Typing, bye-the-way is not too easy as use my small finger as anchor, am making a real pigs ear of this and taking ages to correct!

Sorry haven't been in touch recently, seems as though the nearer I get to coming home the more busy I am. I can't wait to see everyone but it won't be like coming home, as I now regard here as home, sorry family! I have been trying to find ways of getting round the visa thing, Nick keeps kindly offering to marry me but I keep pointing out that his 'wife' won't be too happy with that arrangement especially as I won't be happy being second wife! We laugh a lot about it!

Even Mama Sweetie is working hard on the guy who has made he door and window - he is a metal worker and does a great job, yesterday when we went in the morning and put in the order for the window, he smiled at me broadly remembering me from the last visit. He told us the window would be ready at 2pm. Mama Sweetie and I arrived at the end of the compound he works in at 2 to receive a call from him telling us it was ready, I said he is nice working to Muzungu time, was he married?????......... we laughed and got out of the van. Mama Sweetie went up to him and told him I was happy he was working to Muzungu time and I had asked if he was married! Needless to say I blushed and put up a protest, the poor man didn't know what to do with himself, cute!!! Mama Sweetie said she will take time to 'promote' me to Ormond. I think she just wants me to stay in Kenya and live near her!!

My shamba (or kitchen garden as I have been corrected, not big enough for a shamba!) is growing slowly, wish I could say the same for the weeds, mind you Dominic is now well and begining to repair the damage of weed growth in his absence. The puppies are now weaned, and looking at the state of Kims nipples, not a day too soon, they are ripping her apart, not surprised she wasn't pleased at feeding them. I now only have to appear at the gate or clap my hands and it looks like a scene from 101 Dalmations but with out the spots. Its crazy, you have to be here to appreciate just how mad things are at meal times, the puppies' of course. I am working hard on finding homes for them all, at the moment 5 are spoken for, that only leaves me with 4 plus big pup and Kim, and the two cats, nothing at all really.

Scann is good, the boys have returned to school after the Easter break, I was busy shaving heads and repairing uniforms. I have received a donation from a lady out here and arranged for all the big boys bikes to be repaired and serviced so they can use them again, should be fun, they have been getting into a real poor state. The bike fundi is hard at work as I am typing....... I hope!

OK time to go as want to get the shopping in and get home before the crazy late afternoon rush.
Love to you all.
Neil, sorry missed your birthday, how bad of me.
Doris, Happy Birthday for this month,
Nats and David Happy wedding anniversary
for those I have forgotten S O R R Y

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