Monday, 21 April 2008

Silence is Golden

Dear All,
today I cant go into my experiences of attending a Kenyan funeral... that will be for time when I can type on my repaired laptop in the quiet of my home. I really enjoy the peace a tranquility I get from being home alone, it is almost a 'Godly experience', that is if you call alone having 11 dogs and two cats.........

I got a reply from one of my friends who will remain nameless. to a recent email I sent....... she told me that she hoped I wouldn't return to the UK a 'God-botherer'...... I know she will forgive me for saying this but it leads me into telling you the same experience I had and replied to her with.......... so sorry LINDA........ you will read twice., unless you skip....... .....

Talking of God-Botherers, I got on a matatu this morning the only person on the back seat which takes 4. At some point along the route a very tall Sudanese guy got on, he sat (I would like to say beside me) in actual fact on my outer left thigh. Bearing in mind the rest of the back seat was free. I squeezed even further into the corner and removed my thigh from his. He sat side on to me staring straight at me, I watched from the corner of my eye. I then turned and looked daggers straight at him. He introduced himself....... I am John and I love God.......... you know me I nearly burst into laughter, I didn't know what to do with myself. Instead I turned round and began playing with my phone. Whilst I find things out here don't test my faith (not sure I still have one) but it makes me realise that people out here have an unquestioning faith, everything good and bad is in the hands of God... I am constantly asked which church I attend and my stock reply is that God is everywhere and so my Church is wherever I choose to think about such things. (Strange and deep I know but so true). I think God is around when I sit watching the sun set or the sun rise, touching the hand of some unfortunate person and seeing a light ignite in their eyes, watching my crop grow, birds fly etc etc. I do struggle with the thought that someone can let disasters, tragic death and illness occur, but without these things the world would be over populated... end of surmon.

Scann is doing well, I am so busy with new programmes we are putting into place to make accounting for everything easier. The boys still enjoy my company, you would have thought they would have got bored with me already. I have begun preparing them for my return home, although the mention of me going to England has started James Mwangi on his going to England on Sunday thing.......

My clinic with the Doctor is proving to go well as less boys are sick. We even managed to do a presentation on The changes in your body and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The movie that went with it was so graphic with the diseases things that all the boys kept cringing in anticipated pain. It was so good we are repeating it on Thursday to hopefully get the older boys who were doing extra classes at school. I think I have missed my vocation as a health worker, I really enjoy it even with the basic facilities we have here.

The rains have really decided to come now, although whilst my crops are growing the weeds are growing faster.... big problem can't keep on top of it. Will lose the crop soon, won't be able to find it. My friend from Nairobi who is in an acrobatic troup called me to say he is Nakuru on Friday performing in Showground for the Internally Displaced People. I suggested he stay at the house, he asked how many I could accommodate, I asked how many in the group......... 25 was a little more than I anticipated. He has agreed to 6 the others will be found accommodation around Nakuru. Should be a crazy time. As its my day off will be able to go with them too!!!! Ok I will sign off now and hopefully my laptop will be up and running tomorrow so will be able to write from home.
Love to you all.


John, so glad to hear you are alive and kicking.
Kimberley hope the move goes OK.
PS hugs hope you still like the job.
Jean, take a big breath and relax. xxxxxxxxxxx

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