Thursday, 26 June 2008

Back in the Uk - hangover too!

Hi Everyone,

just to let you all know I arrived yesterday safe and sound. My only problem was the rather large hangover that I was dragging round with me. This was due to accepting the traditional Nairobi trip 'tusker beer' from my friend Jenga in Nairobi. It never is 'a' beer, I fell into bed at around 1 am on Wednesday morning, (fully clothed as it was cold), forgot to set my phone to alarm and was woken at 5.45 am by Jenga telling me his taxi friend was waiting for me outside the hotel. Good job he phoned or I would still be there now. Needless to say I travelled in Tuesday nights clothes and threw the things strategically placed round my room for early shower etc into the huge bag that I had with me.

I must have looked like the wreck of the Hesperous at the airport (not sure of spelling but I am sure my father will put me right)! I stumbled on auto pilot through passport control, etc and only had a bit of difficulty and the double x-ray machines, as usual had to remove belt, this with laptop etc occupying arms, clutching removed jacket and bag juggling act ensued, resulting in problems walking with baggy jeans quickly descending down my hips, from one machine to another a matter of about 15 strides, not sure what they think will change between the two machines as you can't go anywhere en route. It only resulted in me almost embarrassing myself by losing my jeans, the last step to the x-ray machine was one of the John Cleese funny walk strides in order to stop the jeans descending lower than appropriate in public. I think they do this on purpose to have a laugh, the customs people know people wear baggy fashions now, especially those returning from some time in Kenya - everyone loses weight. Next time must remember to wear scarf belt or shorts under my jeans!

I am busy sorting out work clothes in the vain hope that the agencies manage to find me work for Monday as need to make a million before I return to Kenya - (kidding but it would be nice!)

If anyone knows of any temp positions going for a month in Southampton area please let me know. Anything within reason considered!! OK I am sure in the fullness of time I will get to speak to you all, no mobile yet but will let you know as soon as sorted.
Love to you all,

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