Friday, 15 August 2008

Photos on My Space

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all well, I am still in the UK but thought I would let you know that I have been uploading photos from Kenya on 'My Space' .

I am hoping this will work if not let me know. I know so many of you are wanting to see photos and I have not got any developed or have time or the means to get round to see you all.

I have had my first temp assignment which was all of two days...... they really know how to use me!! Finances are not what I had hoped as I needed to work these three months to make my trip worth while. To let you know, as I can't remember if I have sent out a message telling you all, my house in Kenya was broken into the week after I came to the UK, most of the items that were able to be removed from my house were so it has been a costly trip.

I am planning on heading back in October with the view to opening the house as a small B&B in order to get some pennies in to cover running costs. Anyone interested in visiting or passing the word round, I am working on web site and flyer's.
Love to you all,

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