Thursday, 3 January 2008


Hi All.

Well as I expect you are all aware there is a slight bit of unrest over here at the moment. I have asked my brother (the one writing this email) to let everyone know that I am ok and it is all quiet over this side of town for the time being. I am keeping my head down, only venturing out for food when I have to and to top up my credit on the phone.....although being limited.

I am staying in the confines of my home busy knocking up curtains as well as preparing for any unexpected visitors that I may get from the Centre that live the other side of town who may need a bed for the night.

So UN Aid Susannah is up and running, mattresses, blankets and some extra provisions. I have my guard on at night and the gates are locked ......and I also have my big chopper to hand. As soon as things have settled a bit I will venture to the Internet cafe so if you don't hear from me personally I will get my Bro to keep you informed of events as I am sure he doing most admirably at this moment. Lots of love to everyone Susannah x (aka as Bro! lol)

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