Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Normailty in the midst of craziness

I had forgotten that I had arranged for my friend George (the carpenter) to make me a dining room suite. It arrived today, it seemed so surreal with all that has happened recently. It is lovely and I am so pleased with the work he has done. At least now I don't have to eat off my lap sitting on the step between the dining room and lounge. I actually felt a bit guilty that I am here receiving my furniture and there are so many people lying on the ground at showground. My consolation is that I am giving George work so he can feed his family.

I didn't go to the showground on Sunday or Monday as I was feeling sickly on Sunday so thought it best to stay away. Had also heard that one of the other 'sites' had had bad outbreak of diarrhoea amongst the children. Didn't want to add my bugs into the 'soup'. I went in today with picture books for the children to sit with me and look at, also a bag of baby clothes from a well wisher. In 2 days the people that I had known in the nursery had changed, not a bad thing, it means that they have found friends or family to take them in or been found temporary accommodation.

My 'new' friends were rather boisterous as there were more older siblings about. Lots of hair stroking, ear pulling and general poking going on. One little girl that didn't speak from the time she grabbed my hand as I arrived until I prised her off me to leave, made me want to give her a big hug and take her home. She looked about 4 years old and had such a lost look about her. I promised to see her tomorrow - if she is still there. I managed to get all the children in a big group outside and we looked at the books, played and laughed a lot, it was nice. Still don't know anything about the girl may find out more tomorrow.

I met Ivan who runs the baby orphanage I visited last year a few times. He was there to pick up some very young children from a grandmother. The parents had both been killed in the skirmishes in their village and sthe elderly grandmother was left with the three, a small baby and two toddlers. The grandmother was ill and needed care, hopefully when she is well she will be able to take in her grandchildren, tears all round. Ivan informed me that there had been found to be a ring of people traffic-ing children and the security was being tightened. Glad to hear it. Apparently men in town have also been told if they want a woman all they need to do is go to the showground and pick one, what a terrible state.

The new Parliament sits for the first time today, everyone is edgy - the next few days could be bad again, so have been out and bought provisions. Will try and keep you all posted, everyone is upset by the way the elections were run. I am not sure there is a quick fix. I am taking care and caring for others, just wish I could do more. I changed my Happy New Year greeting here for everyone to 'Safe New Year' it caught on well! All the people I know here are watching out for me, they let me know if I should stay home or venture out......
Love you all.
Hugs all round. Susannah

Mackenzie, congratulations on the potty training!!!!!
Anyone whose birthdays, weddings, divorces, etc etc I have missed I am so sorry..........

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