Saturday, 19 January 2008

No volunteers

Hi Everyone,
Well I hope that the first few weeks of 2008 are proving to be more positive than ours are.

The house that I have bought with the idea that I am able to accommodate volunteers in order to help with the everyday running of the place is nearly finished........ problem is NO volunteers!! Am trying to network with organisations out here to see if there is another avenue I can look at for a small income.

Am working really hard at it at the moment and will see if it bears fruit. Talking of fruit we have hit a wet spell which I am told is not the wet season coming early just a 'blip' (my word not theirs!). I went to ask the agricultural supplier if it was worth considering planting anything at the moment he told me vegetables......... um.... but be prepared for a lot of watering once the rain stops again (sounds like hard work - but might save me some money on market shopping!). My maize is producing large 'ears' of corn just waiting for signs that it is ripening. My tomatoes are doing well lovely and plump tomatoes although don't show any signs of ripening, may have to bring them inside in bundles and force with banana.

Nick my Nakuru taxi driver and good friend has returned from his trip to Kisumu where he was unable to leave due to the severe problems there. He tells of terrible fighting, food and fuel shortages (many houses still use kerosene lamps for lighting and fuel for cooking). He is well but obviously upset by the experience.

Kim the dog has just had her first season, what a nightmare, talk about PMT. she has been digging her way to England! ! ! Other than having to keep her chained to stop her venturing out and listening to the howling, when she is let loose to play and run around she is manic. . . . . . lets hope she settles down as she is a real whirling dervish (not sure of spelling!).

The boys at Scann are doing well, the mass circumcision that was done on 23rd is now a distant memory although some took a while to heal. They are all back at local schools, only the boys at university who are waiting for the OK to return due to the unrest which is still in Eldoret where they are at university. My duty today is to do haircuts, in all the unrest haven't really got to spend much time at Scann to do the shaving. I went yesterday but found that the blade was blunt so headed into town to get it sharpened.

I have offered my services at the showground with the children's hair as those that are there long term have no such facilities and the children are getting pretty shaggy. Not sure if they will appreciate me doing the shaving but can only offer! There are temporary school rooms being erected at Showground for the families that show no immediate resolve of getting them back to their homes or re settled. Whilst the news is reporting on major disputes still going on around the country Nakuru is quiet and seems to be the 'safe' place where everybody is coming for help.

My son's friend Justin and his girlfriend were booked to come out on the 1st March for two weeks only to hear that flights up to the 28th February are cancelled, he is waiting with baited breath to find out if they can actually come. The main problem is that until Nairobi settles travel into Kenya is limited due to Nairobi being the main entry airport! Anyone else interested in a visit when things settle down just shout...............

Love to you all, try and keep you posted as well as I can on the situation here.
Peace and love to everyone. (Makes me sound like a 70's groupie!)

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