Saturday, 29 December 2007

Interesting Christmas

Good day to All,

I hope you are all well and not suffering from post Christmas over indulgence!!!! That relates to some of you more than others..... you know who you are.

Christmas morning found me chilling at home had a 6am cup of chai with my new guard, Dominic before he left for home. Played football with the dog, got to get her tired quickly otherwise she digs for England. Fed the pets and myself then set to work painting determined now to get the house finished as the fundis are gone and are not around to mess up what I do. The lounge and dining room are finished, the order for a table and 6 chairs has been placed with George my carpenter (that I know through work he has done at Scann) and also my kitchen (should take 2 weeks).

My canvas picture is hanging, my sister Nathalie, fell in love with it when she was here at the beginning of the year took it home and found it was too big for her room so she kindly sent it back to me as a house warming gift. It looks fantastic the colours blend so well, it was made for my wall. The last bedroom has now accepted paint on its walls after spending so much time trying to ensure the paint sticks, applied special treatment (bit like glue) it is now done and the skirting being painted as I speak. Two beds were delivered but the room was not finished so sitting in the lounge.

Went to Scann ready to help with lunch unfortunately left in a tizz and forgot my keys this had major reflection on the day activities as was unable to get the speakers for the dance party. On arriving at Scann remembered that 30 of the boys were out of action having been circumcised on the 23rd as part of their tribal customs. In my opinion was far too close to Christmas, they had to spend all their time in quarantine in the dormitory. Women were not allowed anywhere near..... I complained that I had showered and was squeaky clean but was told that was not adequate to allow me in to wish them a Merry Christmas so I sent them a note instead. With this in mind and the problem of no speakers I decided to postpone the dance party for when the boys were allowed out of the dorm and were in more of a position to party.

We still had a good day the visitors came and helped with lunch, meat stew and rice in huge vats, with soda and cake. Not quite the Christmas lunch I was expecting but quantity prevented roasted turkeys. We then settled down with the remaining boys and watched a few movies, Open Season which they loved and Muppet Christmas Carol........ it was time for me to leave as the dog had been left for some time without company, was expecting her to have dug for England. The boys were happy to see me and are looking forward to the party in the New Year glad to be able to share it with their friends in the dorm.

I got home, played with the dog and applied another coat of paint, had chicken and pasta for dinner with Dominic, I showered and went to bed. Luckily there wasn't too much hype here........ actually there was none..... I think it would have been harder to be away for the first Christmas alone if it had been like home.

Have been asked to log off as the internet is closing, ok love to all, many thanks for the emails, sorry didn't get a chance to get to internet before now.......... was too busy painting.

Love to everyone and hope you are all getting over your colds and sniffs. Will write again soon. Susannah

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