Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Still looking

Hi Everyone,

still breathing although spending a lot of time holding my breath wandering what life holds in store for me next, exciting really.

I am still looking for somewhere although think I will have to settle for the two bed place, that is 3 months old, very nice and right beside a Pastoral Centre which has its own pool (open to locals)!! The rent is expensive 56 gbp a month though, out here it is expensive!!!!!! It is ground floor flat in a building of 10, it is well secured with a high wall, and metal locked gate with GUARD! It is an ideal place so that I can have people to visit without problems, it also has a European inside toilet!! Yippee. Think I just talked myself into it!!!!!!!

On that subject just looked out of interest at a house, 3 beds, garage, servants quarters, 1/4 acre garden/shamba, for the price of 17,500 gbp..... worth thinking about for old age!!!! (oops that is nearly here already) Its lovely although the shamba needs some care, hey Nats when you coming over?????

Other than that have a funny story to tell you, the other day was walking from where I live now with a friend, hoping to get a Matatu, unfortunately there was a live concert in town and all the matatus going past were full to the roof. My friend said there was a tuktuk coming and he would get it to pick us up, I informed him that there were already passengers in it. To my astonishment the vehicle pulled up a short way ahead and a hand came out the window and waved us to it.

On approaching I laughed, inside were two enormous women dressed beautifully ready for a night on the town. They insisted we got in, I wasn't sure where we were going to fit, they laughed, they shifted over which provided enough space for one buttock so I let my friend sit and I sat on his lap. The whole trip they laughed and laughed, they were so pleased to be sharing the tuktuk with me, they didnt stop chatting. They made some comment about why I was sitting on my friends lap, I said the other option would have been one of theirs and I didn't think they would have liked it, or the driver but he needed to be able to use the pedals and so that was out. They cried.......... they reminded me of the Kenyan version of 'The Two Fat Ladies'. I later bumped into them in town, larger than life and now obviously my best friends......

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short email, as got to go decide on the flat.

Thanks for your emails.

Will be in touch soon, take care all of you. Love and hugs all round.


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