Sunday, 19 August 2007

Jambo from sunny Nakuru

Hi All,

well what can I say the weather here is improving!!!! I am actually putting on suntan lotion when I go out, although didn't manage to save my nose getting burnt, keeps peeling, nice and crunchy!

I have had a lot of trouble with the internet recently and have not managed to send any emails, today I think everyone is at church attending 'Service' so the internet is good! Thanks to all those that are sending me emails, but can I remind you that large attachments will take me 'a month of Sundays' to open so am having to delete.

I am enjoying the flat I am renting although I have to say it is SO cold, the floors are concrete and don't I know it!! I have taken to wearing my extra extra thick woollen walking socks, which are useless as I didn't bring my walking boots, so am making good use of them! I haven't had the courage to use the swimming pool that is next door yet as it is never hot enough when I am at home, just when I am running round town laden with bags, sweating buckets!

I am looking forward to Paul-Simon's visit at the end of September, so if anyone wants to send me some 'nice' feel free although with baggage allowance being so bad - be careful! I am in the throws of looking at buying a house, couldn't not at the prices over here, there will be plenty of rooms for visitors if it goes through. I have taken measures to ensure that I checked, ownership, registry of title, and have a good solicitor who is helping me look at all the pitfalls. I know its crazy but it is what I feel is right.......... I will be coming home so don't worry about not seeing me again....... you should be so lucky! I hope this news doesn't come as too much of a surprise to any of you, sorry any of you that will find this hard to digest! Get those passports applied for.

Since I moved out of Scann I have had a better quality of life mentally if nothing else, I now am visiting as a volunteer and finding it much more pleasant, I know the boys miss me not being on site but I am a happier person for it.

Where do I go from here, no idea will wait and see, right now I am happy and life is good. Hope to pop to UK before Christmas.

Love to you all will keep you posted on developments, will leave you to take in the news.

Crazy Lady in Kenya,


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