Friday, 10 August 2007

Happy Again

Hi All,
hope you are finally getting a summer, the weather here has changed and the days are nice and warm. I am so pleased, especially as my rented flat is next door to a place with a pool (small but a pool no less).

Life in the flat is great, just what i needed. I am feeling refreshed and at peace. I visit Scann as and when I feel up to it and enjoy myself with the boys, especially as they are on break now. Today I spent all day clipping hair - have decided NO ONE is getting their hands on my new clippers!!

The space from Scann has made me rekindle my love for the place, don't ask me what it is, it is just something special. So much so that I have been house hunting.......... over here a large 3 bed with servants quarters, 1/4 acre is going to set me back the price of a new saloon car back home. I am seriously considering it.... I could commute every 3 / 6 months (or when the weather is bad). Living here is so cheap! I have people looking into the implications of such a move at this end, will keep you posted.

I am going to see a lady tomorrow (Cheryl) who lives and helps runs her dads business in Rongai, she helped at Scann as a volunteer about 5 years ago and has kept in touch with them, she is a white Kenyan whose family is involved with transporting shipments of tea worldwide, she was interested in the fact that I worked for P&O as she was forced into the job as her father became ill, she was a lady of leisure before then and doesn't 'get' the job. I thought a job a couple of days a week would be good!!!! We will see.........

Anyway, hope you are all well. The cats are doing fine, I am ensuring that the boys take care of them and have small monies for food (I cant have them at the flat!) The dog and its puppies unfortunately died, the puppies delivered but didn't survive and the dog followed a few days later, I think maybe it had eaten poison..... sad it looked after me well in return for milk and a bit of belly rubbing and affection (for the dog not me you understand!!)

Ok well I am off home as just remembered my washing is on the roof terrace and it is getting a bit overcast, at 5pm I think it is allowed!!

Love to you all.........

OH DEAR it is pouring with rain, maybe the nice guard will have collected my washing, (I don't think so as there was no undies up there!)

Bye for now


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