Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Back from Beyond

Hi Everyone,

bet you all thought it was safe to read your emails and there was nothing from me clogging up the in-box…… well you were wrong!! I was just taking a break whilst sorting out the final stages of the house move, nothing like in the UK, its crazy. You physically have to go round all the offices, water, electric, council offices, solicitors, agents, in order to finalise the deal. I am pleased to say that on Tuesday, just before the heavens opened and my drive became a swamp, I moved into my house.

I have come to a huge conclusion…… the tenants who lived here NEVER cleaned, the place was disgusting, the walls which I had only seen in passing when visiting the house in semi darkness were filthy. I had to clean all the light switches before I turned on the lights as they were black with dirt. I think after they knew I was buying they didn’t care. I have found a couple of wet patches on the concrete floor which means that the builders will need to check the roof also now, another thing to add to their list.

Talking of builders……….yesterday 6 arrived on site, that is BEFORE any materials had been bought, which in itself is a long and interesting process. I went into town with the builder and the electrician, sounds simple, we went to the electrical shop and bought up new security lights, long life low energy bulbs, all the electrical things that are required for inside, only one single plug socket in each room so changing all to doubles, many light fitting broken so replacing, two showers. We bought and left all the items there waiting to be collected later. We then walked to the hardware store, not as we know it! The list of items needed was endless….. I cant begin to tell you……. My one problem is going to be selecting paint for the rooms, I cant bring home a colour chart and they don’t do match pots. I have to stand in the hardware store and decide on what I want, what a nightmare. I am used to spending weeks with sample colours deciding what I want, could be a problem.

What little furniture I have is all in my room so that the workmen can do their work…. Seemed like a good idea other than they are doing my en suite and started work BEFORE I got back from town. Apparently making sure everything is kept clean and tiding up before they leave is not on the agenda, I spent an hour last night sweeping and mopping up mud and cement left from the day’s activities, glad I have concrete floors and no carpet!

The shopping trip to get the majority of items didn’t quite work as planned…. We bought two toilets but forgot the cisterns, so no toilets last night had to use the pit latrine for the guard….. great that we had an alternative but door doesn’t close and no light….. sounds like what I am used to! I bought a basic square table to use in the kitchen as I was tired of cooking on the gas burner on the floor, does nothing for the back.

All in all I LOVE THE HOUSE, just cant wait till its finished and can enjoy it a little more. At the moment the garden is a builders yard, the garage a storage facility, reminds me a bit of Under the Tuscan Sun, those that have seen it will understand. At the end of yesterday I must admit I wanted to cry, but didn’t, I remembered the film instead and knew it would all come right. I am still visiting SCANN, unfortunately short but sweet trips. I squeeze in hair cuts, sewing and medical treatments while I am there and spend time chilling with the boys.

I have collected Kim (the puppy) and taken her home, the first day was spent mopping the floor and cleaning up after her, unfortunately living outside means she is not house trained……… nice. She is a good guard dog announcing everyone who arrives at the gate, we don’t have door bells here! I have also discovered that she thinks she is a cat, she proudly provided me with a mouse that she had caught yesterday, I will bring the cats home soon, but as they bully Kim thought I would let her settle in first to get a senior position in the home. I find Kim great company and she loves to play, I have promised the boys that I will take her back occasionally at the weekends to visit.

Today I am off to Scann, a lady who I think I have mentioned before, Cheryl Robinson (I stayed at here house near the Menengai Crater) and I are going to SCANN today to work with the boys to make Christmas wrapping paper. They decorate the paper with potato printing, stencils and finger painting and apparently it sells very well. I am preparing myself for a mad, exhausting and messy afternoon. It will be good to see Cheryl again it has been some time since I met up with her.

My Masai guard who lives in the ‘helps’ quarters is doing Ok, he is guard / shamba man, I keep him busy. Today he went out to buy some sharp arrows and a new bow, it is apparently an essential part of his kit and he will use it, scary………I am glad he is protecting me, between him and the dog I will be fine, actually it is a nice area although with all the rain I need to buy wellies as the roads are swamps. I will leave you all now as I need to get ready for my trip to SCANN! Love you all, take care.


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