Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas


Have been trying to get to internet but it doesn't like Hotmail at all, always unwilling to play with me.

Christmas here will be strange, am alone tonight, other than the guard (if he shows up) and except for my furry family. Will be with you all in thought. Am at Scann tomorrow helping them celebrate the day, we will have lunch supplied by a kind donor who is joining us for lunch then a dance party with me as MC!!

Christmas tree is up kindly supplied by my brother, not quite our standard back home but the boys love it. I spent all day Saturday putting up decorations in the dining hall for the boys, they enjoyed themselves and the effect is good. The party they had on Saturday with the trustees of Scann went well didn't get home till midnight thoroughly exhausted.

I think by the time tomorrow is done I will need a day in bed. Talking of beds am having two made ready to be delivered on 26th (no one takes much time off here as time is money!) The beds are ready for my list of visitors who may wish to come over........ hint hint!!

Love to you all hope you have a peaceful and joyous Christmas.


Will email properly after Christmas.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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