Saturday, 8 December 2007

Back in Kenya

Jambo from hot and sunny Kenya,

well my time in the UK was short and frantic, for those of you I missed .......sorry will be back flight booked for 25th June! xxx

The flight back was bumpy and cold and got given an aisle seat when I booked a window, so no where to lay my head luckily the rather large gent sitting next to me didn't object when asleep I used his shoulder as a pillow but then I had given him my blanket as I had taken my big wrap with me to keep me warm. Virgin now do a per piece baggage allowance which meant that I could take two bags for the hold EACH weighing up to 23 kilos!! Yippee!! Kimberley will vouch for the fact that I was expecting the lady to say sorry you were given wrong info and need to lose a bag!! It was Ok at the airport the problem was the thought of getting on the Nakuru Shuttle with two big and heavy bags...... I cheated and talked Jenga my Nairobi taxi friend to bring me to Nakuru.

There was only one problem he kept me out drinking until 3.30am on the Monday night dancing the night away and then asked me to drive to Nakuru, it worked out well as we didn't get stopped at any police checks on the way!

The animals missed me so much the dog, Kim went crazy totally loop the loop! The cats missed me so much they ignored me for the first 3 days.......... putting in objections obviously to my trip! My shamba was not watered and since I left the weather has changed and it has been so hot during the day..... needless to say I now have a scorched shamba..... I think I have managed to save the tomatoes as they were planted in the seed bed under the shade of a large tree......... I am bucket watering them every morning now to help them recover from droop. The maize is growing strong but then it would anyway.

Back to Scann was a revelation...... the wall that has been started around the perimeter is nearly finished I hardly recognised the place. Boys cried when they saw me as I think they thought I had gone for good........ I felt awful.... big hugs all round. They still cant believe I have agreed to be here for Christmas, I am in charge of the full day Christmas day, should be interesting as not sure what their usual plan is........ they will have to expect something different.

I am busy shopping for things to make decorations with and also a Christmas tree as theirs has been in use since they started and is now without many branches and needles, it is pitiful, I want this to be a good Christmas. Anyone want to help fund a tree????? Donations via Kimberley greatly received, I did think of bringing one on the plane but then decided I couldn't carry another thing.

In addition to all this I am in charge of sorting parcels for bootie bags provided by Yasmin but also to allocate and parcel up clothes that they have in the store for the boys for Christmas it may take me a while.

On the home front need to finish my painting, trying to make curtains, arrange for the carpenter to come and make me a kitchen ( ready for all of you to visit) do more planting to replace the destroyed crop of beans, peas and carrots.

Love and hugs to you all,

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