Friday, 17 June 2011

Seriously, Can You Believe it? being tucked up in bed on a Friday night, with my laptop for company at 8:30pm... does that make me sad or what? I had a busy day (realising that all the bites I have are in fact flea bites from my beloved pets) I decided to maniacally clean and wash the house. I started by sweeping, then washing the floors. I decided to drag the sofas out of the lounge o to the porch area (ask Kimberley they weigh a ton)... I then beat the living daylights out of the arms and backs of the sofas, (Kimberley also has video footage of this but was threatened with death if she showed them to anyone as I look like a crazy woman). 

Henry would have helped but he had decided that today he would transplant some seedlings for some passion fruit seeds we had saved from eating the fruit, I misheard him when i though he had said that we had 8 seedlings, infact he had said 78!!!!!! Wow I hope they all survive as we can sell some of them... (sorry I digressed)

Mopping the floor
To wash the ft the moment I of cotton tract suit shorts by the waist band over the bristles of the broom and used this as my mop, adjusting as I went as they kept falling off. Did a good job though. I left the sofas to recover from their beating and doused with dudu powder (flea powder) whilst I washed the big woollen blanket that had been lying on the sofa. It took all my strength to lift the wet woollen blanket, to wring and then to get it onto the washing line without breaking the line. The trick is to upturn the huge wash basin after rinsing and bundle the blanket into a ball and balance on top of the upturned basin for the water to seep out, makes finally lifting it lighter without the water. 

 From there I decided to douse Kim in flea powder, she kindly lay down and allowed me to apply the powder whilst massaging her to make sure the powder was well into all the fur, unfortunately Paka had seen this and was no where to be seen when it came to her turn. I did however grab Pakas bedding and threw that in the wash too. Now all bedroom doors are closed so no sneaking in and sleeping on the nice soft blankets by Paka, the sofa cushions will be lifted when not sitting on and spare blankets will be stored well out of Pakas way. Not saying this is all the cat's fault as I have many times left the lounge and returned to find Kim lounging full stretch on the sofa... she soon gets moved as she takes all the room.

 I dragged the sofas back into the lovely clean room and admired my hard work, they looked positively new...and smelled nice too. Paka has taken off and is no where to be seen, probably the smell of powder was too much to bear. Kim is oblivious as she thoroughly enjoyed the massage and would have wanted me to continue for hours, I am hoping that the biting will now stop... but who knows. The thing I find funny is that Henry spends time with the animals and sits watching movies on my laptop on the sofa, why doesn't he get bitten, its the same with mosis's... I can't be that tasty, not at this age would have thought it was a bit tough now.

Anyway after all that action, I showered and headed into town to meet up with George as it was his birthday today so I had a beer with him at my friend Veronica's (some of you may remember she has a nyama choma restaurant and bar in town which has dancing in the evening) Unfortunately Veronica was not there today but we had a nice Guinness each and roast potatoes with Kachubari (finely chopped tomatoes and onions with chilli peppars and a bit of salt) I like it but without the chilli peppars and I am pleased to say they now serve the chilli peppars at the side of the plate so you dont need to take them if you dont want to. George was working later tonight tutoring the boys so we only had one beer and then he headed off, I was pleased to get home as I was exhausted.

I have checked my emails and facebook and am now nicely relaxed ready for a busy day at SCANN tomorrow with the clinic etc and apparently we have visitors coming too so it will be all hands on deck for sprucing, (as if I need to do more sprucing). I also need to go to town to pick a sample of golden beads for necklaces for the fund raising costumes (dont ask), go to the internet place to scan immigration documents for the Salvation Army to contest Immigration on the expiry date of my visa (they are trying to say it expires 26 June 2011 when I have receipts showing I paid for visa until June 2012...) corruption rules!!!!!! I am also waiting for Crown to finish decorating SCANN, they are painting all the buildings inside and out, I have been asked when they have finished to decorate the classrooms as we have been given lots of small pots of paints, they want them to look more like classrooms.... so I am presuming, alphabet, letters, tables, etc etc etc with pictures also. I have asked my friend Cheryl if her daughter can come along and help me as she is artistically inclined and I can only copy. Just waiting for the paint to dry and the Ok to start work, should be great fun.

I am looking forward to my friend Ailsa (who came down for the fundraising at Salsa) to arrive on Friday, she will be staying for a while so that she can organise things with Mama Sweetie (as we are looking to start construction of the proposed ablutions block) and see will catch up with old friends, it should be fun. Hoping she will join me for beginners salsa on the Wednesdays, the more the merrier.

Anyway time I left you, its a short and sweet one tonight as eyes are tired, not sure I will get much reading done, probably just as well that I get an early night after all that exertion. My love to you all, June is a busy event month for my family, so happy birthdays and anniversaries all round, I am hoping all the cards get there OK.

Ah the local dogs have started their evening howling session, catching up on their news of the day, usually lasts about 5 mins then stops so will love you and leave you on that howling note. Enjoy the weekend whatever you all decide to do, hoping the weather is improving there. Susannah

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