Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Laptop Supposedly Fixed

Hi All,

I know it has been another long while but just to let you know the laptop was repaired (within reason) but I have been busy with my visitors since.  I also have no idea where I am up to with the emails as I lost all the previous information on my laptop, if I am repeating myself it isnt old age it is lack of info........
Sunday 3rd July Ailsa and I headed to Nairobi under the premis of meeting Julian from the airport early on Monday morning, what we were actually doing was heading there to check out the salsa scene at a place called Heartz Club on Moi Avenue, Nairobi.  

We booked ourselves into a cheapy ‘hotel’ which happened by pure luck to be just up the road from the club.  In the afternoon we wandered around the Masai Market creating major havoc as we were not intending to buy anything but just ‘window shop’ something not totally appreciated here.  Then we returned to the room a quick brush up and change and then we met up with Shem who had come to Nakuru to join us for salsa a few weeks ago, it was through him that I had heard of the club.

By the time he met us the lesson had unfortunately already finished and it would have been nice for us to have joined in as we were outsiders.  I was so amazed at the amount of people there and the dancing looked great. We sat ourselves in a prominent place and watched for a while, Shem taking us on the dance floor now and again for a spin, I must admit it takes a while to get into the swing of their technique of leading as the signals are a little difficult to pick up. After some dancing and a lot of watching we became more aware of our surroundings……… we were in an upstairs bar which was divided into bar, dance floor area and food preparation area.  Now the food preparation area was a sight to be seen, there was a cook who was busy preparing vegetables ie; kale (chopped very finely, steamed and added to fried onion and tomatoes) one of the stable dishes here called skumawiki (possibly not the correct spelling!!) he was also frantically using his large chopped to chop up whole chickens into pieces for cooking, not a sight we usually see at salsa!!  Maybe we could introduce this and enhance our salsa enjoyment.

Still on the salsa theme the thing that totally ‘blew our minds’ was people texting and talking on their mobile phones whilst dancing, now how crazy was that!! Something to behold and not a particularly easy task.  After a while we decided that the need for a good pizza was very high of the agenda and we left in hot pursuit, needless to say it went down very well, although we were looked at strangely as many of the customers at the pizza place were dressed for winter in puffer jackets, scarves etc and I was sitting in a pair of jeans and a salsa top!

In the morning, Monday 4th July, Ailsa headed off and I was collected by Jenga to greet Julian from the airport.  The drive to the airport was fine it was just the drive from the airport which was challenging as we were sat in a ‘car park’ all the way back to Nairobi which I think probably took all an hour, which on the way took 15mins.

Jenga dropped us at the Mololine shuttle for our ride to Nakuru, via the police vehicle check.  We arrived in Nakuru about 2.5 hours later due to traffic.  We got home dropped the suitcases, had the all important cuppa then headed on foot to Tusky’s Supermarket on the Highway for food., stopping at the fruit/veg stalls for some papaya, mango, passion fruit and onions.  We went home on a piki piki with all the shopping, I thought this was probably the last time Julian was to use this form of transport, especially as he was on the piki piki with me and the shopping!

That night I cooked a bean and mince stew (Henry had already soaked and started cooking the beans that morning ready for the final cooking in the evening) we had this with a potato and squash mash, hopefully a satisfying meal for all!

(Tuesday, 5th July was my sons birthday) we headed to Mama Sweeties with Ailsa, this was to be another experience for Julian who was having a baptism by fire on his first few days,.  The day was hot and unfortunately due to needing to find out lots of information before we left Nakuru we did not leave as early as we had wished. We squeezed ourselves onto a matatu, trying to find Julian a seat which would give him more leg room (unfortunately this meant that he was sitting on the seat behind the driver (which would not normally be a problem) however  beside him were 3 sacks of cabbages,  when the other guy came and sat next to Julian forcing him to shuffle over Julian was sat with his head against the cabbages, I managed a lovely pic that I am hoping to attach to this email. I think I remember a lyric of a song which says a,,,,, ‘a bosom for a pillow‘, but in his case it was a ‘cabbage for a pillow‘!  

The journey was a hot and sticky one and we were all relieved when we arrived at Kampi, however I think we terrified Julian by saying that we needed to take a piki piki to Mama Sweeties house.  Ailsa and I climbed on the back on one with the bags perched on our knees and Julian reluctantly climbed onto another. Julian wanted video footage of us on the piki piki so we set off, it wasn’t until we were some distance away that I shouted to the driver to stop as I realised that Julian had no idea where we were going and was not in sight.  They eventually caught up and I sighed with relief.  We arrived at ‘The Sweeties’ after much hand waving to the local children, we always cause a stir in the Kampi ya Moto community.

We were greeted warmly by Mama Sweetie and Lami (the boy who suffers from epilepsy) who was on good form and full of energy.  The other children were at school, the small ones slowly drifted back around lunch time and the older ones during the afternoon.  We had a lovely time playing with the children whilst Ailsa and Mama Sweetie had time to discuss ‘funding concerning the building of the project buildings and other business’.

When it was time to leave we were walked along the way past the local school called Lords Primary School, we were asked to enter and meet everyone, including the schools football teams (as they needed new footballs!!) This involved lots of photo taking and talking to the teachers and the head before we left, by this time we were escorted by all the children leaving school at the end of the day walking up the road behind us.  We left Kampi ya Moto by matatu another hot and sweaty experience for Julian but he survived it.

Will let you catch up and give you the rest of this adventure later.

Love and hugs to you all.

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