Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's raining... all my tanks are full

My Water Tank

Hi Everyone,
well it appears to be that time again.  Yesterday was a holiday Madaraka Day (think that is the spelling) such a weird day to have as a holiday mid week, made me think it was Sunday all day.  I had planned on a morning walking in the Menengai Crater with a new teacher from SCANN who does not know Nakuru well.  I made a picnic and everything unfortunately they was delayed at a SCANN meeting which started at 9am and by the time they were free it was 2pm and it was far too hot to head to the crater, so we sat at Bota Sola (a bar and eaterie at the bottom of the hill) chatting and comparing notes on life.  I ended up heading home, weeding and washing before the heavens opened, I had dinner then decided as the day was wasted to put my energies into painting one of the spare rooms.  

The room had a problem since I last painted it when I moved in, it rejected the paint on one wall, which meant it bubbled and oozed so last year I scraped off all the paint in that area and left it.  I was surprised to find the wall was dry, everyone had told me there was water coming through the wall, NO IT WAS DRY!  I left the room as it was when I went back to the Uk as I knew Nicks boys would be using that room and pointless to paint it before hand.

I went out last week and bought some paint a roller tray, roller and a couple of paint brushes. I coated the area that I had scraped the paint off to balance the colour (took two coats) but was worth it.  I have been waiting for the chance and energy to get it painted but been putting off ..... last night was the night. With no ladder in sight I used a small full height table and chair to get around the room, must admit worked far better than the ladder I used last time.  I completed the rooom at 11.30pm I fell exhausted into bed, but not before washing the roller and brushes.  Looking at it today, it is so clean but unfortunately, will need another coat, glad to see that there is enough paint left in the can to let me do this, paints here when they mix for colour never come out the same colour, even though they tell me they will, it is computerised don't you!

Needless to say I didn't get to Salsa last night, besides it was pouring with rain and a holiday so transport was a big problem, Danielle couldnt make it either so we agreed to meet up next week.

I have been busy trying to get plans drawn up for the toilet block for Mama Sweeties, it is a bit of a nightmare as she keeps changing the plans, it will get done eventually.  I had a lovely time there on Sunday, I took with me some drawing paper and pencil case, I got the children sat at the table in shifts drawing and colouring, they loved it, not sure they get to do much of this. I promised that if they kept them safe I would go back with tape to put them on the walls.

Scann is being painted at the moment, CROWN paints have kindly offered to do the job and supply the paints, inside and outside.  I have been asked to decorate the school rooms to make them look more like classrooms when they are finished.  I have roped into the team Cheryls daughter as she is arty farty and whilst I can copy and paint, imagination is a little limited.  Will let you know how it goes when it happens, may even do photos.

I sent Henry off to see his parents as yesterday was an official holiday, he went Tuesday evening and returns Friday evening.  He was so happy, he had a hen from a neighbour to take to his father.  The house is lovely when I am here alone althought I am pleased when Henry is here, it is not the same, I can walk around in my pj's instead of having to dress before I leave my room.......... the freedom.   This morning I fed the chickens, one is sitting on eggs, so I think Henry is planning on increasing our stock, at present 3 hens and a cockerel.  I lifted the bag of maize Henry left me (he usually takes care of them as they are his) I was not aware that the bag had a big hole in the bottom and the maize shot out all over the floor before I realised what had happened, ideal start to the day! 

One of my chickens
I am heading off to SCANN now to say hi to the home boys, the new ones are just getting used to me, takes them a while, (I am strange after all I think we all agree on that one). I spent the morning tracing some animal and bird pictures for them to colour in, they love it and it helps them become more fluent with the use of pencils.

Jayne (my Virgin Airlines friend) has told me she is visiting Nairobi soon for a one night stopover and I am very welcome to join her at the hotel for the night, for a soak in the bath, wine and girlie gossip............... I love her !  Keeps me sane, she also sometimes brings chocolate!!!!!

Anyway must go or won't get to SCANN and back before the afternoon rains, dont fancy getting soaked today too tired, not a good combination.

Love and hugs to you all,

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