Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Not Everything is Smooth Sailing...

Dear All
I expect you are hoping that my email will be filled with lots of interesting stories, unfortunately not at the moment.

Kimberley and I are struggling with the fact that Nick and his family have not yet moved out of the house, even though I am getting increasingly more encouraging and irritated.

My dear friend Nick has two young boys who wake at 6am and do not know what being quiet means. Nick and his wife seem to be able to sleep through this and the house-girl that they have ignores them.  Now as many of you know Kimberley on her meds struggles with mornings anyway, this is just adding to the tension.  

Living arrangements are at present Nick and his wife have one bedroom, their boys another and Kimberley and I share (together with all my household possessions that were stored in my room whilst I was away) add to that the 6 bags we came with and to put it mildly it is a bit of a squash.  Kimberley and I are basically lodgers in the house, feeling very intrusive when we are around so we try and spend a lot of time out.  The household are very keen listeners of Gospel music and have it playing along with the TV being on too, singing along loudly is not uncommon.

Our ‘haven’ is the pool side at Hotel Merica, we can sleep on the lounger’s when there is a bit of quiet but have to put the alarm on the phone to wake us to move because of the sun.  Meal time is interesting they are eating late about 8.30 or 9 waiting for Sheila to come home from work. Kimberley and I grab food in town to make sure we like what we are getting, kitchen arrangements are impossible as the house girl prepares food that is around so we have stopped buying.

Nick packed all his things up to move out at the weekend so Kimberley and I went shopping yesterday and started sorting out the kitchen things ready to use (unpacking boxes from our room) in preparation.  We ended up cooking outside as the house girl started preparing their evening meal, which was not a good sign that they were leaving.  Kimberley and I enjoyed a nice meal of sausages, onions, rice and fried tomatoes, (for speed I got Henry to light the Jiko (BBQ stove).  Sheila and Nick came back and were upset that we were eating outside, I explained it was a BBQ and we didn’t want to get in the way.  He told me that the house they had gone for had fallen through. I nearly cried.

After a little bit of discussion I have given them until Friday to shift, Nick is not happy but neither is his wife or I as she is sitting her Criminology Exams this week and could really do without the hassle.

Kimberley and I are planning on a couple of days at Naivasha to have a bit of space, otherwise it will end in tears.

I would love to say everything is honkey dorey but I would be lying. I am finishing this now as the boys will be back from holiday tuition soon and the house will be in uproar, as the house girl who oversees them chooses that time to sleep!  Kimberley are heading into town.

On a lighter note.......I was busy this morning typing a summary of school results for the children at Mama Sweeties it was very interesting some of them had higher grades in English than they did their native tongue!!
Will keep you posted.  Hoping you are all well and having an easier time, keep smiling.  

Love to you all,

Susannah & Kimberley

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