Friday, 15 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi Everyone,

Well on a happier note than my last email, my ‘house sitters’ have finally left. We came home on Wednesday evening to find a truck in my driveway and a hurried loading was going on.  

Sheila, Nick’s wife was very chatty and hugged me as she left, I had a quick word to say that I felt that Nick was not happy with me for asking them to leave, she said that he was a man and would take a few days to get over it.  

I sent a text message to them on the Thursday to make sure they settled in their rented home OK. Sheila told me all was well.

On Wednesday night Kimberley and I slept well and were not disturbed in the morning of Thursday.  All day Thursday was spent cleaning and washing the house and arranging my things to make it more like my home.  We had a mammoth pancake making event for lunch as a quick and easy meal, Henry joined in after he had been to the local duka (corner shop stall) for some lemons.

We had a huge thunderstorm during the day and torrential rain which I managed to collect in buckets beneath the corners of the roof for the plants when it is dry.  It is the first rain we have had since we arrived two weeks ago.  The smell of the fresh rain on the dusty earth was amazing, I just sat on the step of the porch and inhaled.

Last night for dinner between the two of us we managed a combination of a vegetable stir-fry and paella it was surprisingly good, followed by baked bananas and chocolate.  A treat after a day of heavy and exhausting work.

Kim (the dog) got out again yesterday and was gone for some hours, we keep closing up the gaps she makes in the hedging but as soon as we close the holes she makes another one.  It was late by the time I heard her moaning outside, it appeared that whilst she managed to escape yesterday she could not get her way back in, Henry and I tried for ages, using his mobile phone as a torch, to coax her through a hole but to no avail and she was getting more and more distressed.  In the end we had to get a hammer out to detach some of the chicken wire to let her back in.  Needless to say we will have to close it again this morning!

The dogs, according to the taxi driver from a few days ago, all go crazy just before the rains, it is considered the mating season for dogs, they howl a lot and go wandering.  The howling I can handle (within reason), but not the wandering - each time she goes out there is so much risk of her eating poisoned meat that is left to kill off strays and rats, also getting bitten risks rabies (although the vet said that where I am there is little risk), I cannot have her having another batch of puppies (9 last time was enough of an experience I do not wish to repeat) and the other problem is she is a fit and healthy dog that is a loving and friendly one and well desired for a pet.  Paka the cat on the other hand doesn’t stray far from the fridge.  I always thought that the light coming on signified the opening of the fridge door, in fact the cat is there before the light goes on……… always wanting milk, it is a real pain as I have so often closed Paka’s head in the door forgetting she is around,  this does not deter her. Last night a dead weight landed on me in bed and I awoke to find Paka snuggled up keeping me warm, the rains have dropped the temperature by a few degrees, will have to get the blankets out!

Today we are treating ourselves to only light housework, sorting the donated children’s clothes for giving out, some will go to SCANN, Mama Sweetie and also the smaller items to a local Baby Orphanage, at the moment they are all on the bed in the now, spare bedroom. We have a list of things that need to be bought for the house….. A mop is one important thing as I washed all the floors yesterday with just a rag, no wonder my back was breaking!!

Needless to say Kimberley and I have not got to Naivasha yet, hopefully we will manage a few days next week, we are too happy enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the house.

Looking out the window this morning the sun is shining and everything looks so green after the rain.  Beautiful.

Love and best wishes to you all.

(Kimberley is still sleeping after the busy day yesterday)

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