Saturday, 9 April 2011

Back in Kenya

Hi Everyone,

Well as some of you will probably know Kimberley and I are back in Kenya.  I have returned with many bags thanks to my friends at :-

IKEA who donated items from their ‘children’s lost property.
Salsa friends who donated hundreds of toothbrushes.
My sister who gave me girls clothes.
……and the list goes on.

As a result I was grateful for Virgin Charities who allowed both Kimberley and I to bring an additional bag each which meant that the two of us were hauling 6 x 23 kilo bags. Thanks to my brother who leant me his vehicle and my friend Paul for driving us to my sister’s for Sunday lunch and then to the airport everything went smoothly until…….

the airport that is where the fun began, after meeting a lovely lady called: Natasha at the booking-in desk who chatted and upgraded us, we then went for a coffee, as time passed Kimberley looked up at the schedule board and said casually that our flight had been CANCELLED.

All I can say is that it was a good job Paul had stayed and had a coffee with us, apparently we could stay overnight at a local hotel and hang around waiting for the next evenings flight OR go to my sisters and spend a restful night and peaceful day. We chose my sisters, we were asked to collect our baggage and the lady was taken aback when we emphatically said ’no’, as there was no way we wanted to haul the six bags with us to bring them back again.

We managed a successful booking in on the Tuesday evening and were assured that our bags would in fact be joining us on the flight…… um I wasn’t so sure.  We arrived safely and were standing with two trolleys waiting for our bags which were not the first off the plane by a long shot, but we counted off the six just about remembering that they were all very loud flowery bags (cheapies from ShoeZone). Between us we hauled them on to the trolleys and were pleased to see Nick waiting for us with his friends ’large vehicle’.

We have been here a few days now, the weather is hot and dry. Nick and his family have ’not quite’ moved out yet so it makes living arrangements interesting, I feel like a lodger, we are eating in town a lot and spending time with volunteers in town.  

Yesterday we went by matatu (Nissan van) to Mama Sweeties, she greeted us with her usual exuberance and we sat with the children (I have lost count of how many she has).  Mama Sweetie asked the children to bring ’Jasper’ the goat in to see us as she said he was very friendly, actually a bit too friendly if you know what I mean, he can’t wait to be introduced to his ’wife’ who will be arriving shortly.  I must say Jasper looks more like a lama in real life than he does in the photos…… people in the neighbourhood come and visit just to see him as he is one of a kind, lets hope he produces well.

I hardly recognised the small children they have grown so much, Lami (the small boy who has epilepsy) had a recent fall during a fit and has a nasty graze on his face, he takes meds for this but they make him very slow and vacant.  After all their greetings the children arranged themselves ready to sing to us, it was lovely, even the small ones joined in.  We had lunch which was rice and githeri (bean and maize stew) we did try to refuse but as Mama Sweetie had cooked enough for all, we felt obliged to join them.

I will keep you posted on any further ‘stories’ as they happen, I have managed to delay visiting SCANN as Kimberley and I are settling in before I return to helping out there.  Unfortunately the word is out that I am back though as I was seen by one of the college boys in town…..

Love and best wishes to you all


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