Thursday, 7 January 2010

Walkers and Waiters

Hi Everyone,
sorry it has been a while but many things in my head at the moment make writing a bit difficult.
On my daily trip into town or direct to SCANN my mind observes the practices of people.  Where I live there are few matatus into town but seem to be many coming the other way - from town empty.
Now daily I watch the people many of whom stand and wait in the hot sun in the hope that the matatu that comes their way will have a seat or at least somewhere to prop themselves on their trip to town.  This wait can be anything from half an hour to an hour depending on the space in the vehicles.
I have taken it upon myself never to just stand and wait, seems pointless, many of the matatus that come are already full. For the backlog of people waiting en route to be reduced for there to be room in the matatu takes quite some time.  I just start walking and usually end up walking all the way to my destination, the breeze as I walk cools me, the people I meet greet me, the clearing of the mind relaxes me and the beauty in front of me as I walk down the hill overlooking the lake lifts my spirit.
So the question for me is clear, why do people stand in the heat of the sun with no or little chance of getting a matatu without a long long wait, they just stand and wait and smoulder in the frustrations of the lack of matatus.
I also think that this must be how people are in life, those that stand around and wait for things to happen to them in the hope that something will and live with the disappointment when nothing happens and those that take the step and risk a journey of discovery.
Wow...... I told you my head was busy, maybe this is a bit heavy for today!
The boys at SCANN are now returning to school and the university boys will be leaving in the next few days.  Some of the processes I have put into place are still working which makes me pleased, others have been adapted to fit with the way people work here, but I am happy and I think at the end of the day people are realising that I am after all helping instead of getting in the way.
My roof still leaks but that is because the fundi who came to look at the tiles said it needed the pointing of the valleys redone, which means mixing cement and re applying.  Unfortunately with all the rain we have had we had to postpone as it would have washed the cement away before it had time to dry.  Basins still adourn my living room but at least the lakes are now gone.  Henry is busy planting while we have rain, and my maize that was already planted is very strange, it is growning corn ears but is only about a foot high, looks very stunted, lets hope the birds stay away!!  I asked Henry if he thought that by putting socks over the ears of corn it may deter the birds eating it....... it would allow the air to circulate and also stetch so that the ears can grow inside.   Well, he didnt laugh but stood and looked thoughtful, I think that nowadays he weighs what I say with how silly it is.  I personally think it is worth a try.... what do you think?  I maybe the only muzungu in Nakuru with maize that wears socks.
Kimberley is busy preparing herself for her visit which is only weeks away now, not sure who is more excited her or me.  Actually some of the boys remember that 'Shikera' came to visit in 2006 and are looking forward to her visit!
I understand that the weather there is treating you all to a very cold spell, if going to bed with a hot water bottle consititues a cold night then we are also having a cold spell in the evenings, but the days are usually stilll very hot.
My love to you all, and hoping that the sun shines on you soon and good health is holding your hand.  (strange things the Kenyans say!!)

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