Friday, 22 January 2010

Updated from the Heat

Well, just a quick catch-up.  I have been to see one of the Directors of SCANN who informed me that Yasmine Gilani has been awarded a Presidential Commendation for her charitable work within the community. Yasmine is still away in India receiving radio therapy but has been told the good news, so we are expecting lots of celebrations when she returns.

I have been asked to work on a show for some visitors coming towards the end of February, I am working on making more cloth poi in jazzy fabrics that Edwina and I found in Nairobi before she left for the UK.  I am also asked to make sure that there is a fire poi performance, so I have asked the boys to prepare for lots of practice!!  I am apparently ‘fire marshall’ a bit scary but am sure I will manage.  Kimberley will be here for the event so will rope her into helping me out (love you Kimberley, bring your poi!)  I am also asked to have some art sessions to prepare some pictures to send back with our visitors to the USA, they are from a foundation that helps SCANN in a big way.

My three one night stand visitors from the UK arrived today and have disappeared off to visit the Menengai Crater, apparently they are avid walkers, rather them than me it is burning hot today and so dry. They are travelling round Kenya and have arrived from a great time in Naivasha where they saw the hippos at Fisherman’s Camp!

I am missing clinic in the morning as I think it is rude to make my visitors leave before 7.30 when I would have to leave.  Anastasia is taking my place, she is my stand-in and very good at it. 

Many of you won’t be aware yet but I have decided that at the end of March I am heading back home. Family issues need to be settled and my last trip home furnished me with no work to help finance me here. My good friend Nick will be moving into the house in my absence which will be for a year to enable me more chance to get work.  I hope none of you have made plans to visit if you have you will need to postpone for a year or look at alternative accommodation.  It pains me to do this but realistically I can’t spend my time worrying that ends wont meet and what will happen when they don’t.

Please keep your ears to the ground and keep me posted on any work that you hear of.

My visitors wanted B&B but when they arrived they asked for B.B&E which means I am cooking for another 3, and veggie could be interesting, will take a while, Veg stew on the menu for tonight. About to start cooking!!!!  Wish me luck!

My love to you all.

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