Monday, 18 January 2010

Busier than Ever Now!

Hi Uk'ers!!!!,
hoping that the weather is warming slightly for you as today I went outside at 8am to sprinkle some water on my seedlings (I do this before the heat of the sun hits them) only to find that it was so so very hot that it was too late to water, the plants will have to fend for themselves and I will try to remember to water them tonight.   Yes I did say water, for the moment everything on the water front is under control!!!!  No rain in a number of days though.... hence the watering!
I also ended up walking almost all the way into town as there were matatus but it is Monday and they were all full.  Today was a day that for some unknown reason my feet as I walked kept flicking small stones into my sandles...... I have worn these sandles many many times and this has not been a problem so why today when I walked so far.  I must have looked weird shaking my feet madly every few steps, I can tell you it was getting a bit maddening!  I decided that today for a point of interest I would wear Kimberleys step monitor to count how many steps I walked, to the junction of 58 from home was 3280 and that was about 3/4 of the way to town.  Luckily I was picked up on the last leg by a matatu who usually takes me home, the ride was not comfortable but as it was short it was OK, I was stuck on the edge of the bench seat beside a rather 'plump' lady who refused to shift over a bit, so basically I was hanging with one buttock in mid-air!
The heat of today is really crazy, it hasnt been so hot in a while and it is a bit of a shock to the system...... I am elegantly sweating buckets..... nice.
The sewing lady passed her test last week and came on Saturday to SCANN, so between dealing with the 'clinic' which had record numbers to see and helping her with clothes etc it was a busy day.  I also managed to get a 'volunteers' notice display case requisitioned and installed in the dining hall so that we can put up post cards, photos and letters from volunteers..... I have made it clear that this is NOT a STAFF notice board!  This will prevent the current situation which is I put up nice things and photos and the boys like them so much they 'borrow' them......never to be seen again!
I have some crazy news....... since returning to Kenya and living alone my social life has been nil, so I mentioned this to my friends at Guava Cafe...... (you remember the place that does nice cakes).  They have been building a Guava Lounge Bar at the back of the cafe and it opened recently but they have been short of staff,  I am now working behind the bar, I don't get paid but I get drinks bought for me, tips, a taxi home and a social life that I don't have to pay for.  The down side is that so far I have worked two nights 6pm - 2am and the worst one was Saturday night which I can tell you was manic and crazy... no one expected it to be so busy that was 6pm until 5am!!!!!  Good job Sunday was a day at home, although unfortunately Paka and Kim decided that they wanted their breakfast at 7am, I managed to get them to be patient until 7.30am but had to get up after Paka started chewing my toes through the quilt, obviously very hungry as I wouldnt have gone anywhere near my feet that morning!  I have agreed to work when I am able, I did last night too which was much quieter and the other girls were exhausted and hyper..... we had a good night with people who are friends of the owner and very nice, many decided that after they saw us working so hard the night before we were to be plied with drinks to make up for it last night, needless to say none of us refused and as it was so quiet the owner was happy, we even provided a floor show, trying to come up with a 'staff dance routine' to entertain the customers at various times during the evening.  It was hilarious. 
Well, if I was worried that I was having too many evenings in watching movies in bed, things have definately changed!  My feet are aching, my back too, my head it bussing but I am feeling so much more focused on what I do during the day.
I am expecting my 3 visitors on Friday, (a one night booking) so I was busy after the animals got me up finishing washing the quilts and blankets, moving out of my room (the ensuite) and into one of the smaller ones, that meant I had a great opportunity to clean and sort out my things.  Other than washing the floors and shopping, I am ready.  Needless to say I wont be working Friday, but may have to help out Saturday night..... take me the week to prepare for that one!
Well, my love and best wishes to you all. Apologies if this is a bit disjointed but typed on the fly!

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