Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy 8th December 2009

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote to you all, I bet you are getting bored with nothing else to read! No I haven't been busy writing Christmas cards, sorry not sending any this year......!

OK, I had a meeting with one of the Directors of SCANN who has given me various jobs, one of which to finish the job I started and another Kenyan volunteer took over which entailed logging all the clothes that the boys have in their locker. It would have been a good thing if the new volunteer had used the same format as I was following as it took a long time to establish how many different items of clothes each boys has. The list I have been given as the update has missed off many items making my life very difficult.... do I just go with her list as gospel or do I go back and fill in all the blanks giving myself double the work.

On that note I am still eagerly waiting to complete the above work so that I can give out the donations kindly given by Hawes Down School, but officially until I complete the work I am unable to establish who needs what. I can't wait to take photos and send them back to the school along with some letters.

In addition to this work which is gruelling paperwork, I am also given the job of arranging two parties over Christmas for the boys. These are not parties as we know it just additional items on the menu and if I feel good a dance party, which is crazy hectic especially as most of the staff are off and I am the only volunteer here at the moment. (At least last year I had Thomas to help).

Today we had a 'create our own Christmas decorations' session with two friends who came to help. It was a bit crazy lots of paint, glitter and glue but we had a great time, lots of stories and laughs. I am not sure many of the painted items will be recognised for what they are but they are all named and the boys are proud of their creations. I think more glitter was sprinkled on the boys than on the papers.

In addition to this I am behind on sending my emails and updating my blog, everything here takes so long, travelling to and from SCANN in the heat of the day, struggling along crowded 'pavements' (not as we know them) with bags of work and shopping, then fighting to get a seat on the matatu home when you have to share your seat with another person or sit in the gap between the seats and are still expected to pay full price....... I get exhausted but love it. No wonder I have no social life and fall into bed at 8pm to be awoken by the cockerel anytime from 2.30am!! He may well get eaten over Christmas before more guests arrive! If nothing else I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!

During the Christmas holidays there is no scheduled work done the boys are left without the tuition that they usually do during other holidays, so we play games, (outdoor and in). They watch movies, they loved the Jumanji and Night at the Museum that I came with, I am not sure how many times they have watched them. I have done no sewing yet as I haven't had the energy, but The Director has offered for me to have someone who does the sewing so I may just have to let them do so, as have little energy for anything else at the moment.

The water situation is fine now, no problem with hot showers, but the rain we had for a few days has now gone, the clouds build with the promise of a heavy fall but they move on elsewhere........ empty promises!

My house without Fatso is a great deal more relaxed, Kim enjoys time in the house when I am around and is great company. Paka is often a distraction when he comes running into the house with a bird in his mouth, Kim never quite knows what to do.... chase the cat or watch in horror as he eats the bird! So many feathers are left lying around for me to clear up, at least there are no gooey bits.

My love to you all at this run up to Christmas, hoping you have already done your shopping to avoid the rush.

Hot and sweaty in Nakuru,


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