Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday Monday...

Good morning,

thought I would just drop you a line to let family know that I have forgotten my phone, it is lying on my bed under the blanket. So today I haven't been kidnapped, or sold to slavery I am busy as usual and contactable when I get home this afternoon.I am taking more time for myself at the moment as I have a few issues that need ironing out at the project, until they are resolved I am on my own flexible timetable.

Oh, my water issues are over as the pump now works and the new guard 'Henry' is getting to grips with ensuring it is switched off when the storage tank is full. So we are never without water, bliss, had a hot shower this morning, it was lovely. I am also starting to recycle the water from the sinks drainage pipes to be used for the plants as they are drying out so much and costing me a fortune to water!

My hair is in great need of a cut as it is so so dry, but I will get to it eventually.
Love to you all,

Ailsa: thought I would add you to my list, thanks for the info on the email address, its a real pain I know.
Bro: a giko looks like a small round BBQ!

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