Saturday, 31 January 2009

Chicken Sitting

Hoping you are all well and life isn't passing you bye too quickly!

I still don't understand the details of chickens and eggs even though many people have tried to explain! I will try and pass on what I know and see if you understand!

My chicken laid an egg and I left it in the nest as requested by Henry (the guard). The next day there was another egg, the next no more eggs, then the following day two more eggs. There are now 6 eggs in the nest and the chicken is sitting on the nest....... I presume that at sometime they may hatch? I have been told that I can remove the eggs one by one and then return them in a quantity to the nest and the chicken will sit on the eggs for them to hatch, but I MUST NOT PUT THE EGGS IN THE FRIDGE TO STORE THEM, before replacing them in the nest. (The chicken may get a cold shock!)

So I still don't understand what constitutes an egg that will hatch as a chick or the ones I take and eat????? Time and heat seem to be the only differing factor...... I still don't get it!

Fatso is still lolling around, but not showing any signs of having the puppies...... Kim did lots of digging and making her birthing place, Fatso is just lying around, being lazy, but then that was always in her nature. I expect one morning to just get up and find them looking up at me!

Henry is eager to start planting as the rains are around, not here with gusto yet, they are waiting for my sister to come in March!!!! I think I will look at spinach, potatoes, maize and whatever may think of growing! All I seem to get when I plant seeds in the seed bed is weeds, (oh, I lied out of a while packet of carrot seeds I have one very weak looking tufty bit coming through, won't get good eye sight with that now will I).

I went yesterday, with the acrobats to Egerton Castles Founders day celebrations. It was the younger acrobats as the others were all at school. Last year would have been the 50th anniversary of the castle but with all the post election violence the celebrations were cancelled.

The boys performed very well and everyone had a good time, I got roasted even though I was sitting under a marquee. It was actually very windy and the location was on top of a hill, just before the proceeding started a huge gust of wind blew one of the marquees with all the dignitaries in into the air, I had my camera in my hand but in the confusion forgot to snap a pic, it was very impressive, reminded me of the house in the wizard of oz, it just took off. Took them one and a half hours to put it back, with pegs this time. The boys were so tired when we were given a lift back to the project on the University bus that many fell asleep, they looked happy.

Today Dr. Kuria came early he has moved the clinic time from Sunday 9 ish to Saturday morning at 8.30am. Suites me better means that I can go out on a Saturday night and have Sunday in bed!!!!!

Well today is a short one just to keep your interest.
Love to you all,

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