Monday, 26 January 2009

I am in Heaven

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am truly in Heaven...........Nakuru just got so much better.

I know I haven't been in touch much of recent but have been busy at SCANN as the teachers strike is now in its second week and the primary school boys are all at the project as no school. It is crazy, so many lessons so I have taken over trying to teach the two youngest as I have said James Mwangi and Stephen Kuria, no easy feat. James is eager and willing now to start forming words and start reading, this is such a breakthrough as he was never interested at all.

I have been praying and as you who see me of Facebook will know, dancing for rain. I was rewarded over the past few days with a few outbreaks of rain, but nothing momentous. I have been carrying round my rain jacket and an umbrella for safety and wishing I had reason to use both.

Today, Catherine and I decided to make an concerted effort for her to be early, as usual it didn't work... she was 10 mins late again. It was so dry and hot that I just carried a hoodie with me, we complained all the way to SCANN how dusty and dry everything was. After lunch and al ot of teaching 'with patience' with the two boys, I headed into town to pay my electric bill and check my 'rock' was at the post box, it was but there was no post! It rained lightly as I wandered round town doing my list of 'things to do'. I decided as it was Monday I would treat myself to a drink and time out at Cafe Guava, an old friend called Dixon who used to serve me at Sweetmart now works there and I pop in now and again to say hi and see how he is doing.

Today I couldn't work out what to have and decided on a cafe latte and a cake, I was recommended the pineapple or orange cake. After a bit of deliberation I chose the pineapple, I sat at a comfy sofa and relaxed leafing through a Kenyan travel magazine called 'Twende'. Dixon came over sat and chatted a while, they were playing a great sax cd which was totally out of place in Nakuru but I lost myself listening to. The latte and cake arrived, I was expecting to be disappointed again as Kenyan cakes are nothing to write home about, actually they are very dry and lacking flavour. I cut a slice and slipped it into my mouth, it was delicious, so moist and lovely, I almost wanted to shout .... YES YES.... at last! My pleasure must have shown as Dixon came over again and I expressed my delight with the cake and the latte was no disappointment either, they had poured the latte into a large glass mug with handle and it was layered in three stripes, of milk, chocolate and caramel it looked fab, was a pity to drink it.

I sat lost in the travel book, noting destinations that I would like to reach savouring my cake and latte, when there was a break in the sax music I realised there was the sound of torrential rain. I looked out the door and saw the heavens had opened, sheets of rain bounced off the road outside and the streets were deserted of people. Rivers of overflowing gutters were flooding the streets, I didn't care I was in a blissful heaven, an oasis of warmth, nice thoughts and gastronomic delight. Even when I had finished and paid I smiled and complimented them on the cake saying that if they made more I would get very fat but be very happy. I bought another piece of cake to take home and let Catherine sample, so she knows what cakes should taste like.

I wandered out of the cafe, it was still pouring with rain, no rain jacket, no umbrella, I put on my hoodie, pulled up the hood and wandered off up the road with a beaming smile, a good cafe latte, fab cake, amazing images from the travel magazine, and it was pouring with rain, who could want anything more! I had sent Kimberley a text message to this effect from the cafe, she probably remembers the lack of good cakes and nice, and I just wanted to let her know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is 'nice' in Nakuru after all!

Nathalie I am sure you will be very very pleased with that news too. Ah something that I find very amusing but have never managed to photograph is the fact that women here when it rains grab the nearest plastic bag, carrier bag etc and cover their hair with it as a shower cap, it looks hilarious and it is interesting to see how many designs come out of their handbags. One day I will be ruthless and take a photo.... I just usually allow my hair to get wet and curly, they hate it.

Ok it is time I headed off, but just wanted to share my news with you as it happens.
This is Susannah Chandler, reporting live from Nakuru, Kenya.......... a very happy lady!
Love to you all

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