Tuesday, 10 November 2009

KENYA 4 - The Big Bird with bags has landed

just to let you all know that I have arrived safe and sound in Nakuru. The booking in at the airport went smoothly although I was wandering if there would be problems with the agreed extra bag that Virgin allowed me, but the guy at check-in didn't bat an eyelid. I thought there were problems at the gate as the seats were empty but we were told that there were only 120 people on board and we did as the pilot said and made use of the extra seats....... I grabbed the 4 seats in the centre of the plane, lifted the arms and managed to sleep stretched out all the way to Nairobi, well after we were fed and watered, so no movies for me!

Jenga (Nairobi trusted taxi friend) was waiting for me with a huge smile on his face (Nick was unable to pick me up as his mother had passed away and he was back in his rural home for the funeral). The ride back to Nakuru was hot, and as we arrived in Nakuru even hotter, if they have had rain in my absence you wouldn't have known!

Both Henry (my askari / guard) and the animals greeted me like a lost relative, the dogs moaned and howled at my return and haven't left my side since, the cat (minus whiskers, Henry decided as he had trimmed his whiskers he would do the cats...... I explained that they needed theirs!) keep tripping me up as he won't get out from between my feet.

The house once opened was a sight, there was so much dust everywhere, that once Jenga had hugged and left me for his return to Nairobi. Henry and I dumped the bags in my room and set to work with the hose and broom to wash away the layer of dust and dirt it on the floor, sweeping would have been so so messy. After Henry and I had done all the washing we changed, Henry, his brother and I headed to Bota Sola for a plate of chicken and chips and a soda, before we went on a basic food shop for me. I had nothing in the house as you can imagine, so had to get the necessaries, milk, coffee, bread, biddys (flora), loo roll! I slept like a log last night, I think before I hit the pillow, didn't even get to unpack, slept with everything lying on the bed.

Thinking we we had done a good job with the washing yesterday, this morning when everywhere was dry I realised that in fact we had done a poor job it had just left muddy streaks everywhere, so wash no. 2 was done today, together with curtains and nets.

About an hour after Jenga had left yesterday I realised that I was one small bag missing, and called Jenga, it was still in his car hidden by the black interior being a black bag and he was already half way back to Nairobi....... he agreed to take the bag to Mololine Shuttle for them to send with their driver after he packed it up, I was so worried as it had my passport in it etc. This afternoon I duly went and collected it Phew was I relieved although my name now is Susan Pamela!!

This morning I woke at various times with the new noises of the night, one of them being my cockerel Colin, need to buy him a watch or a gag. I eventually got up at 7 am walked round with the dogs then sat on the front step watching the slight breeze blowing in the trees thinking how warm it was and how hot it was going to get.....sipping my cup of coffee.

Greeting me has been something that has been going on since last night, I am not sure how people know I am back but my Kenyan phone hasn't stopped and this morning is no exception.

I had a call from the acrobats who are back from Tanzania, they wanted to come and say hi......... um actually they want to stay with me for a week until they head back to Tanzania. I have laid down rules, this time they help with food and jobs round the house, I can't afford to have open house, even for them.

I am looking forward to them providing me with material that I can copy and send home to hopefully promote them in the UK through my friend Simon, who is now joining us on this email list, together with the IKEA 'girls' who are visiting me in February and a nice lady called Mary who used to live in Kenya and now resides in Southampton. Greetings to you all.

Ok I have ventured into town to pick up some fruit and veg for provisions. Have told Moses and Francis (the acrobats) that they are cooking the Ugali tonight as I am out of practice!

Love to you all, finding the heat a little exhausting will take me a while to settle again. SCANN unfortunately will have to wait until the dust settles and only able to do short trips as Henry is off home for two weeks (a little longer than I would have hoped but after being stuck at mine for three months think he deserves it!)



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