Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Out of touch

Hi Everyone,

I have no phone at the moment due to it being accidently washed by the boys at Scann, at least its clean. Am working on getting repaired or replaced with a cheapie.

I am sorry it has been a while, things here are a bit low. I am not sure if I have told you that Yasmin, our Trustee in charge at Scann, is undergoing chemo therapy for breast cancer. She is on her second treatment and it really is taking its toll. The staff visited her at home on Friday and we took all the boys to see her on Sunday afternoon to do a very small performance.

Yasmin looked so frail that it really upset the boys, I had prepared myself for how Yasmin was but when the boys broke down it broke my heart. We are all trying to be positive and give her the strength to get through the treatment, she has a long long way to go, after the third treatment she is due for an op. Will keep you all posted.

Scann continues as normally as is possible, the show Edwina put on for Yasmin in her absence has been given to me and caused me a few problems in copying but tomorrow I should be able to go and visit Yasmin again and give her a copy to see at her leisure. The shamba here is growing like crazy not quite sure what I am going to do with everything planted although looking at it all it will be ready in August when I am away. We are looking to dry the maize and take it to be milled into flour for future months supplies. Fresh maize out here kills my teeth and digestion, its so hard.

The chickens have at last started to lay again, Henry keeps suggesting we let the hens sit on the eggs, but I am insisting that there is no way I can afford to feed more chicks, still busy with the last four, two went to the shamba man at Scann. I now have a new sewing machine which I have got up and running, a good job too as it was needed to make more poi for our trip to Yasmin's, it will come in so useful with all the split trousers and shirts that I have seen recently at SCANN.

My love to you all, anyone who wants to see the DVD and photos from the performance I will be sending a copy to Kimberley this week, hopefully with the Kenyan post she may receive it soon, just ask her for a viewing. Take care, and keep well, happy birthday to those that are celebrating this month, you know who you are.

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