Friday, 13 November 2009

Dust baths but they had water - 13th November 2009

Jambo Friends,
I think I must be jinxed as apparently Kenya has had substantial rain water in the last week and as soon as I arrive it dries up. I think it transferred back to the UK as I understand that there is plenty there....... SORRY!

It is now Friday and the week has gone so quickly, most of it has been spent with me cleaning and sorting the house and unpacking my things and organising. Henry has now gone home and I am busy attending the compound (garden) chickens, cat and dogs. I think that the dogs prefer the way Henry cooks their Ugali and meat as they don't seem to partial to mine, I wouldn't mind but it takes such a work up to light the jiko, boil the water, add the meat waste to make a soup, then to cook the ugali. How unappreciative they are!

On Tuesday we were scheduled to get our mains water but none arrived, I wasn't too worried as Henry had told me he had used the pump and filled the large storage tank on Sunday. After all the washing of the house, sheet covers, me showering, Moses and Francis also adding to the consumption I began to worry when no water arrived on Thursday either. I duly called 'my man at the water office' and asked if the designated days had changed. He ignored me and welcomed me back in the traditional Kenyan way of being sociable before business! I was told that the days hadn't changed but they had worked on one of the mains pipes so water would come at midday. He invited himself round for 'chai' but I told him that as I had just returned and had been waiting for water I had not been shopping so there was nothing in the house. He said he would then come for a glass of water, I said that this was why I was calling as there WAS NO WATER! He laughed and agreed it was a lost cause and maybe next time.... or maybe not!

At midday on the dot the water arrived but my pump would not pump...... Henry had the water storage drums still in his house and now locked so I had nothing to collect water in. I called my friendly electrician, Joe who works part time in the market with his mother. He came straight over..... 2 hours later..... by Kenyan time that is very quick. He re-primed the pump and helped me put up some lamp shades that I had come with, he is very tall and I have no steps so can't reach.

Francis and Moses are out of the house all day visiting friends and working with the boys at SCANN, they love passing on new skills to the boys, it's great to watch. They are good house guests, making sure they clean after themselves and help with cooking and washing up.

I am still struggling with the neighbour hood noises, I think that Colin the cockerel will have to go, join that with the fact that Fatso (dog) is on heat (obviously the jab I gave her didn't work) she is howling a good un! Joe since he first saw her constantly asks to have Fatso........... she may find a nice new home soon too. Kim has always been sedate and very good company and she listens and obeys, something that Fatso still has not got into her head.

I visited the boys at SCANN yesterday on the way to town, just a short visit, until Henry returns that will be all I can manage, as don't like leaving the house for long periods unmanned. The boys were so pleased to see me, I got lots of hugs and greetings, one boy Gideon saw me arrive and was waiting by the gates. He said you will make me cry, I asked him if it was because he had missed me so much, he said it was because Kimberley (my daughter) was not with me. Kimberley was hoping to come with me but due to medical problems will wait until January when she is feeling stronger. I told him that she was sad that she couldn't be here but would see him in January. I think he is crossing off the days.

Not a lot has changed, Kombo who was overall in charge and education head is now solely Officer in Charge we have a new member of staff who has moved to take over the education side of things. Catherine is unwell but still working with Typhoid and Anastasia is working strong still managing the doctors clinic in my absence. I hope to go tomorrow for clinic to say hi and see how things are doing. That reminds me one of the twins is feeling unwell so I suggested that he comes in tomorrow to see the doctor.

I bumped into Joseph in town, he found me where I usually stop for a waterhole at Guava cafe, Joseph is now 13 and his school is closed for the Christmas break. I had hoped that something had been sorted with him going to SCANN for the holidays but he said he had heard nothing. I will chase this as he is now staying with the security man again, luckily the security man has now got a room and he stays with him there, not really a suitable situation but will try to resolve soon. Joseph tells me that he has managed to remain 2nd in his class and his marks have improved although he didn't quite make 1st place. He was delighted with the story book that Kimberley chose for him and will let us know whether he liked it or not so we can get more.

Oh last night whilst cooking the dogs ugali outside it was growing dark and eventually I could hardly see, I went to put on the outside lights only to find that there was a power cut. I managed with the help of a candle and my phone to continue cooking the ugali and slop it into the dogs dishes to cool.

I then went inside and located and lit my candles, good job I came with some from UK, they last so much longer and smell lovely too! I had no idea what time the boys were coming back or how long the electricity would be off. I decided to continue cooking my dinner and a bit extra for the boys (just in case), not a small feat as it was rather dark. I had brought the animals in the house for company and so that they wouldn't bark and scare me with the slightest sound. They lay on the floor obviously knowing my plight, Paka was the only problem continually tripping me over by twisting round my ankles in the dark.

I managed to successfully cook and eat my dinner and then the boys called to say they were 5 mins away. I told them to call me when they were stood at my gate as there was no way I was standing outside in the total dark waiting for them to arrive. They duly did so and I went with the light from my phone and let them in, not realising that Fatso had slipped out at the same time. It wasn't until we were all in the house that I realised she was missing, I knew it was the only explanation, so I crept to the gate and called, no noise. Suddenly she flew through a bit of hedge and got stuck by the collar, she scared the living daylights out of me. I retrieved her, it was obviously too dark out there for her too.

We were without electricity for about 2 hours, but just when we were ready to sit and rest the lights came on and we managed to watch a DVD, a nice end to a stressful evening!

Ok will move on now as it is time to get home and check on the place, start cooking dinner and chill, did I say how hot it was!!!!!!

Love to you all, still trying to arrange to see Yasmin, hopefully this weekend, will keep you posted.

I send you all rays of sunshine.


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