Saturday, 22 November 2008

Bye for now

Hi Everyone,
just a quick email to let you all know I am heading back to Kenya, I fly out this evening and won't be back until August 2009.

If any of you want removing from my list of 'friends' who get my updates please let me know.If you want to stay on be ready for another 'block buster' Kenyan Adventure part 3!

First part will be 'Susannah's Place return to the scene of the crime!'

Take care of yourselves, sorry I haven't got round to seeing you all, work was top priority this time.... needed the pennies.

A huge THANK YOU to Linda Corby for all her help with the medical items.....and selling of the jewellery, love you loads but you know that anyway.
Hugs all round, especially to the Family

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