Thursday, 27 November 2008

KENYA 3 - Landed Safe

Hi Everyone,
sorry it has been a few days since I arrived and no news from me.

Been so busy sorting things out in the house and getting re accustomed. The weather here is hot and dry.... just how I like it but the shamba and plants are suffering and now we only get water alternate days, and no pressure either.

Believe me or not but I woke up at 6am (as usual in Kenya) I had a cuppa and went back to bed after playing with the dogs. I sat for 3/4 hr and wrote a nice long email to you all and saved it on my memory stick. Nick came to pick me up to go to town to get a ......... wait for it........... F R I D G E........ and in the haste of locking up I left the memory stick at home. You will have to wait for another day..... maybe tomorrow...... who knows ..... this is Kenya after all!

Just needed to let you all know I am OK. Have taken this week to sort things out before going to SCANN, I know once I get back in the swing I won' t have time for getting house things replaced so decided to get that done first.
Love to you all.
Take care and thanks for the emails of good wishes at this difficult time

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