Friday, 27 April 2007

One Day at a Time

Hi Everyone,

thought I would drop you a line so that Nick would not be too bored on his Saturday morning whilst eating his toast and drinking his cup of tea!!! He likes a good giggle.

Just to let you know that things are getting better, well bearable, although everyone is getting ready for the 'grown-ups' to leave us in a week for 6 weeks, you know what they say...... while the cats away the mice will play. The people who oversee Scann are leaving us for a trip I cant wait to see what GAMES will be played in their absence. I am R E A D Y !!

Today I thought I had finished adapting the powerpoint presentation that I have been working on for Scann since last September!!!!! Unfortunately, there are a few amendments since the last viewing........ any idea how bored I am of this presentation but I know it is good for SCANN so it makes it worth doing.

I needed a voice recording from John Ndolo our University student, of a speech he had done. I havent seen him in a while so I talked teacher Kombo into recording it for me, it wasnt quite the same. A miracle happened last night at about 930pm John appeared at Scann (he lives at the University campus) I explained what I wanted and he and I sat outside my kitchen door in the dark, using an extension lead connected to where my fridge should be plugged in. We drank hot chocolate whilst he attempted to record quotes from his speech. The reason for this late night exercise was my meeting today with Yasmin to see the finished article, and he was leaving very early to go to university.

We sat under the security light, laptop in hand, providing a banquet for the huge swarm of mosquitos that we have at the moment at Scann. The reason for sitting outside prevents me from any further false allegations being made against me!! By that time of night the office and other buildings were locked up and the boys were chilling in their dorms so no where to do this.

Everytime John managed to get his speech done correctly the local dogs would start barking loudly spoiling it or the cock from next would start crowing.... (its clock must be wrong) it took him aprox 15 attempts............. it was so tiresome and uncomfortable and today I am sporting major bites from the mosquitos (not John), that was whilst using mosi repellent!! Mind you we did have a good laugh, it was like something from a comedy programme.

This afternoon was my 'off' afternoon so I spent 3 hours of it in the meeting with Yasmin ........ not sure how that worked out!

Tonight I am off out with James (Jemo) the Acrobatic coach who is visiting us from Serakasi Nairobi, we are planning on going to Sumit although no one else is here to go out with so may end up at our friend Veronicas, Garden Villa, it now has a great dance floor and music and is closer to Scann. If that doesnt work then there is always Travellers which is next door and always busy, but dont tell Veronica!

Tomorrow, Tom C (who has been using my laptop to produce his own music), has been invited to perform at a cultural event at one of the local hotels it will be music and local dancing. I am hoping to make it there as it should be a good show, I need to start using my freetime as freetime before I burn myself out. I will let you know how it goes.

Question: Whilst I accept that my arms, feet, neck, face and even ears get bitten to pieces, please can someone explain how I ended up with 6 bites on my rear??????? I complained to the old Housemother about it this morning and she asked me if I slept in the nude!! (How rude) I informed her that it was so cold I wore pyjamas and also had the cover of my mosquito net every night............ So answers on a post card please to........

I need to get off to the shops as I ran out of matches this morning so couldnt even have my morning cup of kenyan tea, always a good start to the day.

Kimberley, have a good time out with the family tonight, give them all my love and let them know their messages or support help me greatly!

Dad, forgot to mention thanks for your email of concern when I was 'so lost'! a term that is used so often here, it means they havent heard or seen you for a while and its said in such a deep and sincere way it makes you feel like you were really 'lost'.

Ok cuppa is calling and another aerobics session this afternoon, to get rid of all my pent up frustrations with the Kenyan way.

Love, hugs, and all that stuff,


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