Sunday, 22 April 2007

I have not been kidnapped

Well, so much to say and too many emotions to put it into words.

Other than to say that I am well, I am having big problems with 'staff' which has taken a lot of my time and nearly all of my energy, patience, etc........ as a result I am looking to branch out. I am keeping my ears to the ground to find something else where people actually want me there to help.

There has been an effort to discredit me by someone who should know better. There is no truth in the accusations and evidence has been planted to help with the story. I am now forced to prove my innocence which leaves me with a very heavy heart.

I must admit the problems have shown me that there are good people here, ones who when the chips are down will come forward, even if I did tell them to do it on their own behalf and not mine!

I will not go into details other than to say, it makes me sad.

I managed to get through both the fund raising events which have proved to be very well received. Hopefully it will generate good funds and awareness for SCANN. The Boys are fabulous, and have realised there are major problems going on, which in itself it difficult. I have taken a long hard think about leaving and in my heart know its for the best. If I stay things will get worse and affect the running of the place which will then affect the boys.

I have been to visit a lady that Ailsa my friend, is working with. Diana, affectionately known as 'Mama Sweetie' is a nurse who is single handedly trying to help the people of her village, Kampi ya Moto (I think that's it!) Most of the children in the village are being brought up by their grandparents who are not capable of looking after them or providing for them due to being too old, infirmed or just too poor. The children are orphans due to AIDS, it is a very rural area and has been forgotten.
Ailsa and Mama Sweetie have put forward a proposal to build an orphanage for the children, both with and without HIV to be able to relieve some of the problems in the village. I have told them both I would be willing to help but not able to be a financial aid for them (I am a poor shosho!)

I am still looking into it, will keep you posted, I am not ready to come home yet, too much to do and see here. May be living the basic life though..... if I thought Nakuru was was basic, Kampi ya Moto is Stonehenge! At least I can remember how to milk a cow for breakfast cereal, can't do without the Weetabix.

Anyway, really just wanted you all to know I am still here.

Love you all,
take care.

Think happy thoughts for me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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