Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Jambo again

Hi Everyone,
well, I have decided to change the internet place I use, whilst the guys look after me well, I cant get anything done as the system is so bad. I am in one behind the shop called Ukwala (those that have been here know!) I walked in to find the room full of Europeans (posh posh ones) judging by their voices! I have never felt so lonely, how strange is that, a room full of my people and I know no one and listening to them not sure I want to. Whilst here I have discovered that people who travel aren't all worldly wise and considerate to their surroundings.

I was asked by a Kenyan recently, how come children crowd round me just to talk to me, how come animals like me, how come everyone wants to say hi and greet me, I HAVE NO IDEA maybe it is because I am NICE! They have even told me that they have been observing other 'visitors' and they don't get the attention I get, maybe its my aura???? Not odour hopefully.
Today I got a reply email from my friend Ailsa who is back in Scotland getting to grips with things like, work, shopping, familiar surrounding................ nothing she has said has attracted me to get on a plane home!!!!! I will just not yet.

I hope everyone is well and the weather is getting nicer......... it is so changeable here, cant decide what it's doing, this morning I was freezing covered with goosebumps, they don't know what they are over here - goosebumps that is, they come and look at my arms when I am cold as they think it is funny that all the hairs, that I have and they don't on their arms, are standing at attention!! Such a simple but taken for granted thing that our body does to counteract the cold. Takes some explaining.

Mind you recently one of the boys had a bad gravel graze on his face having fallen over, when the blood and gore started to heal it was replaced with white skin, he was very upset that he was turning 'white' he even took to colouring it with a felt tip.......... luckily for him after a few weeks it coloured over and he is proud to be completely black now.

It has also been remarked why are the whites of my eyes white, theirs are quite speckled brown with white. In Nakuru also many people have brown stained teeth due to too much natural fluoride in the water, not sure what can be done about that, any budding dentists out there????? Will it correct itself if they move elsewhere or is that it now? These are questions that I deal with most of the time, thrown at me like I am an encyclopedia.

I keep being asked to shave my hair so they can see what I will look like as a white Kenyan, I opt for no one that one! Talking of hair, I managed to get a quick trim at a friends hairdressers. Not the usual type, she had only ever done afro hair......... she washed it carefully, wow what a great massage, she then took ages combing it straight then took out a blunt pair of scissors and bit by bit picked up bunches of hair and cut, oh well, it took of the split ends, not sure anyone at home will touch it now.........!! No matter how much I condition my hair it is like a dry bush...... even tried a hot wax treatment I found in the bottom of my wash bag.......... still looks like a dry bush!

I have been looking to find a cheap car to get around in.......... um that is a hard thing to do, those that I can afford will not last 2 mins, not on these roads, I have been shown so many minis which are all the rage here for the English.... however, my worry is that with these pot holes one day I will be driving round and disappear forever into a hole and not come out again! I have also been watching how they repair vehicles at the workshops, the only tool you need apparently is a HAMMER and I have one of them, they use it for everything, just BASH it and it will work!!! Sounds like my kind of repairs!

Forgot to mention today is a BIG day in my shamba - I picked my first crop of new beans........... not sure I will get any as all the staff are now aware due to someone (the old gardener) telling them so I have been having to divi them out. When I told the gardener I wanted a shamba he laughed, he laughed when I was preparing the ground, he laughed when I planted seeds, when I weed, when I water, today however, I laughed when I walked up to him with a big bowl of beans................ maybe he will get a few but not today..... let him wait!

What else do I have to say........I am back teaching, or did I tell you that already!! English to the boys who went to China only 6 of them but from various levels of education, (that makes it difficult). Making them come to class is more difficult, these boys think they have been abroad now and don't need schooling....... their first exercise says they certainly do!!!!!!! It took me hours just to mark one boys work and they have a lesson everyday at 8.30...... spent all night marking!
Ok just realised how much have written. POLE SANA - sorry!!
Will be in touch again soon. xxxxx

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