Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Ok, firstly I have to apologise that apparently you have received many many many repeat emails from me I think system was stuck in a loop!!

Secondly, having lost my mobile I have managed to retrieved my spare phone without too much beating up of said person. I am now contactable again on the same number, Safaricom barred the other sim. Unfortunately, the person has not come forward for the reward, which means I have no numbers. Can you all text me just to let me know who it is so I can store your number (those that have already don't worry!) Did I get wet yesterday, I had no umbrella or jacket and was loaded down with shopping and a little miffed with the phone situation. What resulted from that was I ended up buying an umbrella from a street vendor, then being assured that I would arrive safely by a boda boda guy who decided he wanted to live dangerously. He took not only me but my huge bag of shopping and he insisted I kept the umbrella up to stop me getting wet, I did point out that that was a bit too late!!!

I harvest enough crop of my beans to supply the cook to go towards the boys lunch tomorrow, my squash (pumpkin) are growing but will take a while before they are ready. Carrots- um not sure will get anything from them as the seeds were sown in clumps (thanks to the skilled hands of the gardener!) tomatoes are doing well, just waiting for them to turn red! yum!

Last night I sat the dining hall as the relief guy didn't show up so there was only two of us available, bearing in mind I had been soaked with the rain, was more than a little miffed by phone, bitten to pieces by mossis and hungry and wanting a cuppa tea. I realised I had left my book I was reading in the house, so I legged it over there and got soaked as I had not taken my brollie and it had decided to tip down with rain AGAIN! I was so wet I didn't worry about taking my umbrella back to the dining hall with me. I sat ready to enjoy my book, only to be distracted by some of the boys making a racket, (bearing in mind they were supposed to study in silence this meant that four of them ended up on their knees in punishment as Raphael had heard them from the hallway!) Why they had piped up was the cat that has attached itself to me had strutted in with a huge rat in its mouth, it had dropped it at my feet and proceeded to munch on it in front of me, periodically looking at me to check that I was watching. It was disgusting and the cat decided to leave the prize rat as a present for me, what a present! I quickly dismissed the boys punishment by inviting Raphael to see what the boys were making a noise about, he too squealed as it was not a pretty sight!

Today John Ndolo the university student has headed to Nairobi as we have at last found him somewhere to do his 3 months attachment. What a nightmare it has been, as Yasmin is not around the guy she has left in charge has refused to sub money to cover expenses for the trip without approval. John was supposed to start working today but because of the problems we had an emergency meeting today and I have covered his costs. There is a Treasurers meeting tonight and I usually attend - I will miss this one as I will not be able to keep my mouth shut and will make things worse. The two from Scann that will be attending are not happy either and I think they wish they didn't have to go either!! Ok, its time for me to leave you, sorry todays email is a bit bitty but oh well!!!!

I must add I became a little worried today as one of the guys who has a secondhand clothes stall here (Nats got her purchases from him) called me over today and said he had a pair of trousers for me, he said they were my size and he had been keeping them for me, I said they wouldn't fit, they did and I liked them, it worries me when a man pays more attention to my size than I do, and he knew what I liked - wonder if hes married!!!! Kidding, not my type, not that I know what that is!! Ok going now.


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